HAHAHAHAHAHA ROFLLLLL Cutest thing I’ve ever seen!!

So SJ-M are singingBlue Tomorrow,” a beautiful ballad with really sad lyrics. And then, AWWWW, at 0:38 Zhou Mi‘s voice CRAACKSS at the climax. xD Awww..~

HAHAHA So then friggin Kyuhyun just starts laughing and keeps looking down and fidgeting and fighting the laughter and omg xD During a sad ballad! xDDDDDD And then he’s just laughing so much, he can’t sing, so he gets Ryeowook to sing his last line, “Wo ai zhe ni, dao yong yuan..” and eventually, Kyu is literally on his knees. xD So adorable! KEKEKE hilarious!


Today was Back to School Night and during it, we had an earthquake xD My whole classroom shook. It was pretty startling.

Oh and although I didn’t feel it myself, I heard we had a reaally small earthquake last night :O

xD I never realize how people not from around here see earthquakes as really huge, gigantic deals since I guess they never have any. Dx But for me, an earthquake is like..something I’m almost’ish “used to”?

Oh and I might be moving soon. D: I’ve only ever moved once before but I was too young to remember it or even care, so this is a really big deal to me. ;___; Especially since I get attached to things and people easily. Wahhh I don’t wanna leave this house……


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