For Fruits Basket

;__; Darn youtube layout. -kicks rock-


YAY NEW VIDEO! :D Well it’s a short + simple one. xD

For Fruits Basket [Fandub]

xD Of course after rapping so much, I’d wanna sing a song like this.

And this is what I sing when I have extra recording time and my throat is bahh. This’ll be the only time I’ll ever upload something to this youtube that was sung, done and uploaded in merely one day. :O Hm. Lucky it’s a short + easy song. xD But yeah, even if I wanted to, I probably wouldn’t be able to do it for any other song anyway.

“For Fruits Basket” was the first fandub I ever uploaded in my life :D So I love the song a lot. This is, like, my 4th time recording it.

Dedicated to my twinny rawrrkathy!
And although it’s already past midnight, happy birthday to my idol forever Henry Lau :] 


^^ “For Fruits Basket” really holds a speeecial place in my heart since it was my first ever recording and fandub, and the second song I ever learned in Japanese.

I still have a looooooooong road ahead but looking back, I’ve come a long way. :O Okay, I might regret putting this up, but.. T.T

‘Tis be Eva’s very first fandub EVER. T.T Only to compare!

AHH I SUCKKKEDDDD TT______TT Oh the horror!! What was I thinking? All the notes were wrong and SO MANY WRONG WORDS; I wanna scream listening to this ’cause I sound so n00b ;_; Not that I don’t still sound n00b, but I feel lucky now x] Kekeke


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