Happy Birthday Henry Lau!

^^ <3 <3 <3 <3 <3!

Oh man, last year I was counting the days til his birthday, and then this year.. xD I went on a website yesterday and they mentioned a coming birthday boy and I was like, “Hm, I wonder whose birthday it is :3″ and it was Henry and I was all, “GAHHHH IT’S ALMOST OCTOBER 11 ALREADY?!?!” T.T It’s like forgetting a lover’s birthday. xD Well, you know what I mean.

The one guy that I don’t even know peronally who’s shooken up my world, took over my mind, and inspired me to no ends is
Henry Lau of Super Junior-M.

Henry Lau 195

For someone who’s just turned 20 [;__; HE NEEDS TO WAIT UP], he’s seriously just amazing and is the epitome of talent: violin, singing, dancing, piano, and English, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Korean. :O Not to mention, an awesome personality and a face you’ll half times want to pinch, and half times want to stare and drool at. :D

Oh yeah and I don’t know how a person can be made of such win and such fail [hehe his Mandarin..] at the same time. xDD;; But if it’s Henry, it can be possible.

I’m.. kinda lazy to do a full-blown b-day post but please do refer to my somewhat epic post from last year: Reasons to Love Henry Lau. :3 SOMEDAY when I’m……not AS lazy, I swear I’ll add on to it xD For now, here’s SOME Henry stuff that’s ftw.

Henry last year:

Henry this year:
Henry Lau 260Henry Lau 265

Sniffle. Kids grow up so quickly these days.


I’m really happy for Henry though ^^ Right before his 20th birthday, he got to perform at one of the biggest concerts in Korea this year:
Dream Concert :DDDDD

SM artists [Super Junior, SNSD, SHINee, f(x), Henry, Zhou Mi] performing “Let’s Go On A Trip” ^^ SMTown is the best! <333

AWW I LOVE THISSS. <3 This song is to SMTown as “Love Machine” is to H!P. xD It’s that one old, but classic and epic song that just has to be sung when members get together. ^^ They look like they’re having SOOOO much fun! ♥ I love their bond! Really like a family x] That’s why I like SM so much <3

0:17 – ^^ You can see f(x)Victoria next to SNSDTiffany and SNSDYuri next to SJSiwon :D I’m happy f(x) is fitting in!
1:31 – :DDDD SHINeeOnew and SNSDJessica!! So cute! I’ve liked them together ever since their duet “One Year Later”
2:05 – KYEHEHEHEHEHEHE MY FAVORITE PART. Ryeowook<3 is singing and then Henry is next to f(x)Amber! TOO AWESOME. TOO CUTE. xD They look like they get along, speaking English and all :D
2:16 – Hahaha you see SJEunhyuk, SNSDHyoyeon, and SJShindong holding hands and trying to do a wave xD Fail!
2:30 – KYUUU!
2:41 – TOO AWESOME! SNSDTaeyeon joins and harmonizes with Kyuhyun with a epic high note! I love it! :D The two powerhouses of their groups!
2:47 – TOO ADORABLEEEEEE! SJHeechul pushes SNSDJessica next to her sister f(x)Krystal ;__; Not only do I love the Heesica friendship, but Jung Sisters FTW! <3 SO CUTE.
3:03 – Aw, I love how Hangeng sorta brings Henry in :3 Brotherly love~
3:15 – Henry’s in, but Zhou Mi, why are you all the way at the side? T.T I feel bad for him. Like he secluded himself. But I’m glad he’s next to Victoria :D Chinese couple??

Sigh. I’m so happy. ^^ Watching this clip was fun.
I might just have no life.


5 Responses

  1. I love Henry Lau! He is the cutest and the most talented person! :) Hope I can see him or meet him someday! :)

  2. sarangie henry lau happy b-day

  3. i love henry and zhou mi! can’t think of any reason not ot love the two. =)

  4. awhh henrry u’r cutee

  5. I <3 henry and zhou mi !! they are just too adorable can't understand why some stupid people couldnt see that !! saranghae !

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