Plaid and gingham!

^^ Afterschool today, my school had a homecoming parade and tailgate where clubs sold tons of food, which was cool, so I went because my good friend is the 2009 junior homecoming princess :] I’m so proud of her! I never thought I’d know anyone who’d achieve stuff like that since unlike her, I’m practically antisocial.

After that, Kojiru [HELLO I KNOW YOU’RE READING THIS >O] and I took the bus to the mall by ourselves for the first time! [buses here can be scary~] :O AND I FINALLY WENT SHOPPPINNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGG TT________TT

Soooooo happppyyyyyy……….

I was so deprived, I developed this huge obsession with buying clothes and accesories in Animal Crossing Dx Part of the reason I play it everyday is to check for new merchandise. xD But yeah. I’ve been deprived.

So many new clothes TT_____TT I pretty much bought everything I REALLY, really wanted, so surprisingly.. :O I have no regrets at all! :D I spent a LOT though D; Lot more than I can afford. 4 months of allowance right there LOL. Stingy as I am, I really treated myself today so I am extremely happy ^^

Suuchh cuteee stufff ;_____; I seriously am going through a dress shirt + plaid + gingham phase. KYEEE. TOO CUTEEE. *_____* Oh oh and I bought this thing.. :O that looks like something Luna or Victoria of
f(x) would wear for LA chA TA. xD Like, a half-length, tied at the bottom, plaid dress shirt. :D TOO CUTE, SQUEE~~ I’ve been really in love with lots of Luna’s outfits so that’s why I got it.. xD Ooh and I’ve been wanting to learn the dance of LA cha TA. :3

Oh but I really came here to show off this shirt:

CIMG1797 2


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  1. lol wow is ebi-han phychic? how did she know =P! :)

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