Happy Birthday Chibi Love! &rants


<333333 I looove you guys! :]

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Um um, rant time! xD Okay, starting with me.
I do not like school and my -insert terrible words here >OOOOOO- precalculus teacher freakin’ made me cry on Thursday. I hate him.
>[ People like him make people like me demeanted, twisted, and hateful.

Also, lately I’ve been having weird chest pains, where breathing, walking[’cause you have to breathe harder], sudden movements, laughing, and coughing hurts. Dx It’s a lot better now than before though.

Okay, back to other things!

Uh, I watched the first episode of the 3rd season[-__-] of Shugo Chara, Shugo Chara Party!, yesterday.. Remember this is just my opinion.

It was very bad. >__> I mean, LIVE ACTION PARTS?! Oh heeeell no! Although they were still too childish for their age, I didn’t mind Shugo Chara Egg! before, but now, OH HEEEELL NO. HANDS OFF PLEASE. D: FREAKING SHUGO CHARA, UGHHH. Hello!Project is DOMINATING IT. >[[

I do not like that. Back when Buono! sung all of its songs, I was okay with that, but now Shugo Chara isn’t an anime anymore; it’s just an animated Hello!Project PROMO! >.> I used to like H!P but now it’s just okay. Morning Musume aren’t bad though most of them lack talent, Berryz and C-ute have declined but are still acceptable to an extent, Buono! is pretty likable, but H!P died for me when SCE!, Guardians 4, and S/Mileage came into the picture. D:

Shugo Chara was a really good, really cool anime, and it’s a really good manga. The story is pretty good and I loved the concepts. D: I liked it so much, I had an Amulet Spade cosplay made for me. So why did they hafta turn it into a show targeted for kids and rely so much on H!P..?

I watch all of the episodes at the same time as Chiisana, and I’d like to steal her words for a sec:
“Because the thing about Shugo Chara is it’s supposed to be a series for teenagers D: but it helps touch your children side. Like.. It’s a cool series, but you also think about dreams and your character, and it was really meaningful. D: It’s like they gave up trying to make it a teenager show D: and turned it into a children’s show, just to attract only THEM as viewers. D:”

Another thing is, it makes NO SENSE to have live action Amulet Heart, Amulet Spade, etc on the show because THEY ARE ALL AMU BUT TRANSFORMED. -___- There can’t be such a thing as all of them separately at the same time. And do we NEED a narrator? And as much as I like Ran, Miki, and Suu, I don’t like that they now have a mini-anime that takes up half the show.

This whole thing is FILLER. JEEZ, TRY FOLLOWING THE STORY, PLEASE. 102 episodes is ENOUGH! This is all about the money, isn’t it?! -__- They should have just held the 3rd season off for a few months, waited for the manga to end[should be soon], and made a 12-episode season or something just tying loose ends[AMUTO!!] and finishing off the REAL STORY.

The transfer student. UGH. She is pure filler, yet I bet this whole season is going to be about her. AND SHE’S SO ANNOYINGG DDDDx -pulls out hair- She gets on my nerves so much! AND HER VOICE! AGHHH MY EARS ARE SUICIDING OVER HER ANNOYING, CRACKLY VOICE! TT___TT

-takes a breather- Okay next subject.

I finally finished Bokura ga Ita yesterday. ;__; It was such a good, sweet, heartwrenching, depressing, and endearing anime. The last episode made me cry TT~TT It was sooo sad! Yano[the guy] left!

Yet I was kind of happy/hopeful because although the end of the anime was vague, I thought it would all turn out alright[sorry I’m a girl that likes happy endings and fairytales T.T] and they would find each other after a year like they promised, and they would have a happy ending.

E.E Then I found out that the manga kept going after the anime ended, and I was curious, so I read someone’s summary of what happened in the manga after Yano left………….. And everything only got worse. ;____; The sadness multiplies by a thousand……

TT__TT I was so depressed. Everything that I didn’t want to happen HAPPENS. And stuff I didn’t expect[like suicide OMG!] happens! T.T
-heartbroken- </3 I should have been content with the open but hopeful ending, and now I wish I didn’t know all the horrible stuff that actually happens.. T.T


3 Responses

    Thank you so much, once againnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn! :DDDDD The video was epic, your voice is epic. In other words, YOU are epic, Ebah-darling. ^_______^ <33333333333333333333333333 I love you, tooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Aww, I love your voice ^^

    I agree, the first ep of SC Party! made me die inside. T-T But it did get better and my friend and I totally spaz out about the fortune telling every week x3333 Puchi pucchi can sometimes be cute (though it annoys me that it takes up half the episode). I guess Puchi Pucchi is there so we don’t have to take a whole 20 minutes of fillers.

    It’s strange, though. I would have thought that they made the episodes shorter so they could stretch the series out, since they were running out of material. But after

    *post-chapter 48 spoiler alert*

    FWPA announced the news of a new series, what will they do now?? Is it still going to be 1

    • -continued… (lol accidentally posted… >->)

      is it still going to be 10 minutes and then live action crap?? We’ll have to wait and see I guess…

      *end spoiler

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