Anime & Manga Rant [TRC IS OVER! T.T]

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Syaoran + Sakura Hourglass

Tsubasa Chronicle is now officially over :[

And as if that’s not upsetting enough, THE ENDING SUCKED. WHAT THE HECK! I did not understand the chapter AT ALL! =/

What was the price? Why did Watanuki disappear? Who made it back with the others, real!Syao or clone!Syao? [Actually I’m guessing real!Syao..] If so, what the HECK happened to clone!Syao? Is he.. gone?! TT____TT If so, WHAT THE HELL KIND OF ENDING IS THAT. IF HE’S GONE I’M GONNA BE FURIOUS BECAUSE HE’S SUPPOSED TO BE WITH CLONE!SAKURA. UGHHHHH. This wasn’t even a happy ending. =/ Unless I’m misinterpreting everything and it is.. but I kinda doubt that. And why did the feather go into Syaoran too? And what the heck were they talking about… What are they going to do next?

That was not an ending.
I’m terribly disappointed.

Tsubasa Chronicle is my favorite anime and manga and the friggin wall behind my bed is covered with Tsubasa posters and random stuff; heck, I even have a Tsubasa NECKLACE! And I’ve made dozens of AMVs of it and I record songs from it and I’m trying to collect all of the DVDs even though I dislike the dub. And Syaoran <333333333 I feel totally ripped off.

I read 232 chapters for this?! I love Tsubasa but the ending was no.
Five years of dedication ended up like this…

Aaanyway, speaking of anime/manga, I was watching the last episode of Shugo Chara Doki the other day. Episode 102. -_____- I CANNOT believe there is gonna be a third season, and furthermore live action sequences… you’re kidding me…


I loved Shugo Chara at first because Amu was awesome and someone I thought I could relate to, the characters were generally likable, it was cute but not overly done, and I personally thought it was really good/educational because it talked about how you shouldn’t be judging people, and how people have different sides to them and how some people lie to themselves and should be more honest to everyone, and then with all those people who got their eggs taken out, they would learn some important life lesson such as you shouldn’t give up or you shouldn’t care that much about what other people think, or SOMETHING like that.

Then somewhere along the line, it became just another children‘s show with cutesy+ditzy+COMPLETELY SHALLOW AND NOT IN DEPTH characters[HELLO YAYA], basically no plotline, really unrealistic or common sense-defying or just stupid scenarios, fillers such as a whole episode about some kid with an unhealthy obsession with eating RAMEN NOODLES THE “PROPER” WAY, and like no learning or inspirational advice at all… And every single character was OOC a lot for the sake of “comedy.” AND EASTER TURNED OUT TO BE RETARDED. GROW UP.

Not that I don’t like the show. I’ve just got lots of complaints about it. =/ Speaking of complaints, there was too much Amulet Heart. xD We needed more Amulet Spade. But then, this is coming from the biased girl who owns an AmSpade cosplay… [Oh yeah, and everything turned all Sailor Moon-like.]

Moving along, I can’t believe the season’s over. xD ..Well I guess I believe it. There’s a big difference between “I can’t believe the season’s over” and “I can’t believe the series is over…” It just feels kinda weird though.

So, uh, after that, I felt like getting really back into watching anime and reading manga again, and I felt really deprived ’cause the manga Koibana! Koiseyo Hanabi is never updated, so I picked up Bokura ga Ita, the anime I stopped watching in the middle two years ago simply because I forgot to keep watching.. xD Really sweet anime.


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  1. shugo chara e demais continua assim

  2. Fuck.

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