Bad Boy + Improvement?!

…I want to go shopping. -transmutes bridge and jumps off it-


..HAHA This was looots of fun to do! :DD
It’s basically a parody/fan remake of “Pretty Boy” from 2NE1’s “I Dont Care” mini. I guess I’m half making fun of the song and half making fun of my own goody-goody over-sensitivity… xD

Don’t get me wrong, though! I like the song and I’ve nothing against 2NE1. This was purely for fun. Also, some parts were changed a bit because it’s hard to match exactly.

…….I’m really bad at trying to sound/be bad. xDDD;; My rapping is failage. ^^;

The instrumental was made by djferry78. Thank you! ;_;

xDDDDDDD I’m huge fail.. but at least this was fun! :D This was what I spent my past 3 weeks on! But now that I’m done, I have nothing to do… T.T After all this rapping, I feel like recording a ballad LOL! Yup. ^^

Um um um… So today I went and listened to my “Because I’m a Girl” and OMG. I SUCK SO MUCH. xDD! My mic quality used to be TERRIBLE! I never noticed before! :O I always though my old mic quality was pretty good [though sharp] but.. uh, I hope this indicates that my hearing improved? xD And MAN I SUCKED AT SINGING SO MUCH DDDDDDx To the point where I’m even more embarrassed than before! ;____; Listen to that gross, weak voice and wannabe vibrato.. D: And I’m hearing so many mistakes in my Korean. xD </3

And it was only from a month ago. T.T I think this might mean that I improved, then..? But it was only a month. D: I worked really really hard on that and I was content with it at the time, but now I hate it. xD

So then I got curious.
What IS my best recording? Hm.

So I went to listen to “First Kiss,” which I worked on for 5 months, and I considered it my best back in April. But now it’s embarrassing. ;__; I can’t believe my voice used to sound like that.

So then I listened to “Yume no Tsubasa” too, which I considered a stepping stone, but it’s.. more acceptable than BIAG and Faasuto Kissu? Even still, I can’t help but think I can do better.

T.T I’m sad. I have no one GOOD recording which represents my singing..
I want to record one now HAHA! :D :Db But what to sing.. D:?


Random: -twiddles thumbs- I’m very addicted to playing Animal Crossing on DS.. ;__;


Credit: LLYsR

Dx I sometimes am kinda oblivious to the most obvious things.. because I’m an analytical person, I analyze everything and look inside first… T.T A lot of people have said that a lot of people like SuJu because they’re hot.

I was like, o__o …? Really? Oh… now that I think of it, they are hot, huh? D: T.T I always knew they were really good looking, but this never registered to me ’cause I pay so much attention to their talent + personality and stuff like that.. Usually when I watch performances, I watch mostly for the singing and dancing and stuff. xD

But this performance of a remix of It’s You [Neorago] from their concert in Japan… despite it being lip-synched…

-dies- -is shot- -suicides- -comes back to life-


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