Car Accident

o__o Hm, not sure if it’s drastic enough to be called an “accident” but it was still an accident.

So our car got hit by some Asian idiot [I can be as racist as I want ’cause I’m Asian too and I know we can do really stupid things at times..] and they ruined a door, hubcap, and the bumper. O__O It was frightening but we’re all alright. My back feels kinda funny though but I think that’s just me being paranoid. ^^;

Yup, more evidence that I’m cursed. xD I have really bad luck.

I’ve been kinda cynical/sadistic lately, so the cynical side of me thought it was all pretty interesting. xD This is my first time actually being in an accident. I was the one that laughed it off. My parents are really pissed though, and I feel bad for them. ^^;

Ah and it’s also kinda interesting because my parents and I were going up to Oakland to pick up my new glasses and visit my grandpa and aunt, and whenever we go there or I have to even see my family at all, I’m always in the foulest mood in the world to the point where I’d cry throwing a tantrum about not wanting to go. Because I don’t get along with my family; they have no common sense, they constantly make judgements about me, and they[including my parents] always talk about me behind my back in front of my face.

And yet I was in a REALLY good mood at the time because Sandy Lam’s “At Least I Still Have You” [Zhi Shao Hai You Ni] was playing and I looove that song since SJM did a remake of it, so I was singing along since I know all the lyrics :] and smiling and I was surprisingly in a really good mood.
[Coz singing makes mee happyy!<3]

:D Then BAM! Yuup.

And I’ve been feeling REALLLYYYY deprived lately :[ :[ :[ I really want clothes ;__; I really want to go shopping ;__; I really wish we weren’t dirt poor ;__; I want to buy clothes dangitt!!!!! Even last night I was looking at clothes online that I can’t buy and I came to the conclusion, “OKAY! I AM GOING TO MAKE SOMEONE GO SHOPPING WITH ME EVEN IF IT COSTS MONEY.” And now even if we don’t have to pay for damages, we’ll still have to rent a car while my dad’s gets fixed…

…So now I feel guilty for even thinking that, and I’m taking it back, and will go back to being a deprived little teenaged girl with no clothes or money who is often looked down upon by high school society for not dressing nice and just being a huge dork/nerd/geek/loser.


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  1. Oh! o.o Well, I’m glad that you guys are safe :3

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