I usually try to stay away from blogging when I’m in a bad mood, but today I need to make something clear. I’m not like other people. So please don’t treat me like other people.

I feel VERY disgusted right now. Please don’t say such things that disgust me. And I get pissed off very easily. You don’t want to piss  me off because unfortunately I’m a hateful person and I hold grudges.

1) Don’t ever make judgements about me. AND THAT MEANS YOU.

At school, I’m a completely different person, though frankly I like this side of me a lot better. So don’t ever think, “Oh, if I knew you in real life” or anything relative to that because YOU WOULD NOT KNOW ME IN REAL LIFE. End of story.

Please don’t ever think I’m this kind of person or that kind of person.
I really don’t like judgements. Online or offline.

2) Don’t ever have expectations from me.
You won’t get what you expect.

3) Maybe I’m not as friendly as you expect.

4) I have other feelings too. Besides happiness. It’s sad but true.

5) Eva doesn’t only have one character.

6) It’s unfortunate that I had to display this side of myself here.
I would like to avoid this, yes?
I apologize for blogging when I’m pissed.

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