Too incoherent to think of a title

Sorry, too many SJM-related posts lately. xD



Henry Lau 195

Because HENRY of Super Junior-M left a message at Third Chapter, a SJ-M forum I go on frequently[but don’t post much xD] OMG

SQUEEE! TT_____TT ^___^ *____* :DDDD And by scream, I didn’t mean like a delighted squeal–it was a full-blown high-pitched-as-possible holy CRAP I can’t believe what happened kind of actual SCREAAAAAM!

;_____; I love Henry even more now for doing that.. <3 See, you can really get attached to these guys ’cause they make fans feel close to them! *__* I’m just so happy and surprised hahaha. I thought it was INSANELY awesome that Tiffany and some other SNSD members have been on and sometimes go in the chatroom of Soshified, SNSD’s big international fanbase, but I think this is even cooller because Third Chapter isn’t nearly as big [and well known] as Soshified.

Henry Lau ftw :3

Oh yeah and preview for SJ-M’s ballad “Blue Tomorrow”~~ Their Mandarin seems to have improved to me! The song is so pretty. T.T The more I listen, the more I like it. -sighs dreamily-

I.. actually have nothing to record O__O It’s driving me nuts.
Any ideas?

Oh yeah, upload probably soon’ish. ..not that anyone cares xDDD;;; ^^

Oh and btw. I do not tolerate rude people or rude comments. Thanks.


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