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Credit: yikhL891011

YESSSSS!!! SJ-M HAS NOT LET ME DOWN! :]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]

A pretty ballad! <333333 I’m so happy. xD While it’s not nearly as beautiful or EPIC as “At Least I Still Have You” [Zhi Shao Hai You Ni], I’m really incredibly happy that they’re singing a beautiful ballad. ^^ I’m loving “Blue Tomorrow” so far.

Super Show 2 rocks. :D And I loooove the screen :OOO So far, of all the SS2 concerts, I particularly like this Hong Kong one from yesterday. There are some really epic parts of this song. ^__^ Ryeowook’s part at the very end is AMAZING. <3 And squeeee! Henry and Zhou Mi got lots of cheers! ;__; I’m so happy for them. Especially Zhou Mi; he needs more love.

Speaking of Zhou Mi, I REALLY like what he said during SJ-M’s Sohu interview. ^^ “The song is trying to say that, no matter how the girl is like in other people’s eyes, in my eyes, you’re the best. You’re the girl that I think is perfect. Regardless of your merits or appearance, as long as I think you are my goddess in my heart, my super girl.” YESS, THANK YOU ZHOU MI! :DDDD Iwas iffy about the “Super Girl” lyrics ’cause they sounded shallow at first, but I love that he said “regardless of your merits or appearance” ^^ That’s right, girls, you don’t need to be beautiful.

And then Henry and Hankyung/Hangeng answered that their moms were their super girls ^____^ D’awww, they love their moms so much. <3 T.T And so does Jaebum, who I’m heartbroken over because he left 2PM. [Because of a small mistake he made FOUR YEARS AGO that caused 3,000 damn people to sign a suicide petition..] I think I almost cried when I found out that as soon as Jaebum returned to Seattle and saw his mom, he burst out into tears. D: D:


Credit: Eco0606
Subbing: time2sub2

:[[[[[[[[[[ My fifth time watching this, I finally cried.

Bless Park Jaebum‘s fans for composing, writing, and singing such a beautiful and touching song, and making such a heart-wrenching video. D: I miss Jaebum’s smile too. What happened to Jaebum was injustice and I won’t stand for it.

Even though I’m not a hardcore 2PM fan, I don’t know why, but I just have this huge amount of respect for Jaebum. I still believe that after having a nice and long break, he’ll come back to the stage and join his 2PM brothers again. D: I also hope he’ll hear this song. The singer’s really talented too.



Hankyung’s solo “Betrayal” by Gary Cao Ge at SS2

Wth, he’s been hiding his abilities from us all this time. D: As much as I love him and his big heart and amazing dancing, I always considered him a weak’ish singer, but I stand corrected. O_____O He usually is kinda shaky and hits pitchy notes easily[I’m like that too xD] but HE SOUNDS INSAAAANELY STABLE. :OOOOO!

2:39 and onwards: HOLY GOD, absolutely amaaazing singing right thar!! I’m so impresseddd ;__;


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