wo shi ni de Super Girl

0:21 – Kyuhyun
0:33 – Siwon
0:45 – JESSICA from SNSD <3
0:48 – Ryeowook
0:58 – Henry
1:07 – Hangeng [also the cute nerd turned cool guy xD]
1:15 – Zhou Mi
1:34 – Donghae


The MV for their mini album[NOOO I WAS HOPING FOR A WHOLE ALBUM ;__;] title song “Super Girl” came out today! :O

It’s very cool and the feel IS kind of similar to “Sorry Sorry” and this is sure to be a hit~ 대박!

Somehow, though, I wasn’t that fond of it at first listen. It’s too much of a trend and dance song :O I mean, do you hear all that autotune? I wish this could show their vocals better ’cause they can sing pretty well… D: I REALLY hope that the other tracks contain a ballad or two. That’d be really nice. :3

[I’d like to hear something like “At Least I Still Have You” again. LISTEN. IT’S THE MOST BEAUTIFUL SONG EVER.]

And, um, I don’t really like the lyrics either. xD I just have this personal thing against shallow’ish lyrics and stuff.. [But then, every song nowadays is like that..] But this is just first impression. :D I’m sure I’ll love the song once I see it performed! Like, I didn’t like the lyrics/concept/MV of “Sorry Sorry” at first either, but I REALLY loved the lives of it. I’d listen to a perf over the mp3 of that song anyday.

YAY Henry gets a solo dance! :DDDDDDD I’m just terribly sad though that there’s no violin part. T.T The guy is TALENTED. He could be a pro violinist if he wants to be. He’s like a treasure to SM, but no violin part? DDDD: There had better be Henry violin[and maybe rap? :D Like “This Moment”] in the other tracks!

I’m also not happy Henry got so little singing parts. -______- I understood it in the 1st album ’cause back then, his main strength wasn’t singing, but he’s improved IMMENSELY. He has a strong voice with amazing vibrato! >O He better have more parts in other tracks. Zhou Mi as well! He’s one of the best vocalists in SJM yet seemed to get so little in “Super Girl.”

Speaking of Zhou Mi, he looks REALLY good here! ^___^ He’s way underloved and underappreciated. That’s right, reel ’em in with your good looks, and trap them with your talent and huge heart! <3

They actually all look really good :O Such handsome boys. xD Although I think I liked the way Henry and Hangeng looked in “U”<333333 better. But watch! In a matter of days, I’ll be ending my posts with random lines of “Super Girl”!

LA chA LA chA TA TA~

PS;; Sorry I was being insanely weird in my last few posts. xD;;


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