Super Girl

:O It is September 11 and time to honor those who had been affected by that day 8 years ago. D: It’s so sad. Why would people do things like that? =[ But DAAANG, I can’t believe it was SO long ago! I was in SECOND GRADE when it happened. That’s crazy.

We supposedly had a “moment of silence” today in my AP chemistry class. -______- Supposedly. I didn’t KNOW we had a moment of silence this morning until people talked about it LATER. -_________- Everyone was so noisy, we didn’t even know we had a moment of silence. Jeez. Now I feel bad. xD But speaking of chemistry, DAAANG THAT CLASS IS CRAZY! :OOOOO

So I sit in the very back at exactly the middle of the room. My teacher does demonstrations at the counter RIIIIGHT behind me. :O So, like.. yesterday, OMG she did the craziest two demos ever!! She was hands-on showing us why you don’t use fire extinguishers on people =__= So RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME, she was like “Oops! -pours alcohol all over fireproof counter- I accidentally spilled some alcohol! Now if I do this -LIGHTS MATCH AND A FREAKING FIRE STARTS RIGHT IN FRONT OF EVA- OOOPSIES! Now what do I do, class? Use the fire extinguisher, right? You unlock it like this and then you -WHOOOOOOOOOOSH-“

RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME OMGGGGG IT WAS SO CRAZY AND SCARY AND HOMGGGG. DDDDDDDx See, I’m terribly scared of both fires and fire extinguishers. T.T -waterpixie- It was so scary but my cynical side which is in denial is saying it was so cool at the same time. :O

And then the second demo had to do with a explosion O____O “Anyone in here with a weak heart?” my teacher asks. xD Yeah, so I freaked out and covered my ears.


Anyway, I’m blogging right now ’cause I feel crummy. And nauseous. And headache’y. And I’m kinda twitching.

See, I like sweets. [Though not cake, for some reason.]  But I’m not good with big amounts of sugar. ;______; I went to Tapioca Express for the VERY FIRST time today afterschool ’cause one opened near my school, which I think is really cool, and I made my friend buy me a drink ’cause I’m cheap, mean, and manipulative like that :D At first it was good, but..

………….-twitches- Ughhhhhh I feel teeerrribbbleee TT______TT

Each time I think I can handle it, I can’t TT_____TT Yeah.. remind me to never go to Tapioca Express ever again. Or Starbucks. I LIKE coffee ’cause it’s yummy and reminds me of chocolate.. but I think I’ll stick to mooching off small sips from my parents from now on……. I feel horrible. And I’m still twitching. T.T It’s so weird.


Oh yeah. Now I remember the other reason for blogging.

Super Junior M (229) 2JIB COMEBACK
Zhou Mi, Henry, Donghae, Hankyung, Siwon, Kyuhyun, Ryeowook

Their title song is called… “Super Girl” O_____O I’m excited, but so far I’m not really liking it. T.T I mean, it’s not BAD or anything, but.. T.T I really, really, really, really miss their first album. I really miss “U” [SQUEE HENRY! SQUEE VIOLIN! SQUEE VICTORIA!] too. I mean, I know this new concept is similar to “Sorry Sorry” and it’s super popular and stuff, but I don’t really like the concept so far.

Cover of SJ-M’s beautiful 1st album “Me”
Zhou Mi, Ryeowook, Henry<3, Siwon, Hankyung, Donghae, Kyuhyun

And “Super Girl” sounds very.. too trendy. Like it’ll have lots of autotune and stuff and yeah. SJ-M can sing pretty well, so I REALLY hope that the song ends up being able to display their singing skills, and not JUST be about their awesome  dancing and trends. :O And! I hope they have another song like At Least I Still Have You <3333333333 Best song ever! ^^ So beautiful. Ah! It’d be awesome if they did “Tong Hua”<3 for real!

And a Cantonese song :OOOOOOOOO Hankyung said he was hoping there’d be Canto songs, so maybeee ^^ I’m hanging onto this thread of hope!

Don’t get me wrong though! They look really cool! And not even the boycott against SM because of the DBSK issue can stop me from buying their album! [And this is the girl who makes her friends buy things for her. xDDDD]

BUT LOOOOOOOOL at how the ONLY Chinese line in there is “Wo shi ni de Superman

HAHAHAHAHAHA. I’m not even Mandarin, yet I understand they’re saying “I am your Superman” xDDD And the line is just FUNNY in itself. Are you really now?

I just wanna jump in there and call myself “Kryptonite.”
And then there are all those dumb jokes about Superman wearing his underwear over his tights. Okay, sorry, I’ll stop right away.

PS;; SJM<3 Eventually I’ll grow to like “Super Girl.” xD
AHH! AND SQUEEEEE Jessica from SNSD will be in the MV! ^___^

Speaking of SM love, f(x)’s Amber is a fan too! :OOOOOOOO

LOL WOWWW. After talking about SJ-M so much and listening to them so much[At Least I Still Have You<3 Tong Hua<3 U<3] I just feel.. a lot better ;______; And really happy. And that’s not the sugar talking. I just love and respect them so much. OH YEAH. Now that they’re back, EXPECT BILLIONS OF SJ-M POSTS. xDDDDDD PER DAY. BWUAHHAHA! :]


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