I feel very hyper, very good right now. xDDDDDD!

So, like.. okay, so in my last post which I just put up about, what, 2 hours ago? I mentioned how Amber of f(x) mentioned Super Junior-M on her me2DAY, and I thought that was soooo cool, that..
…I somehow crazily decided I REALLY WANTED TO LEAVE HER A COMMENT. O____O

So I went and made a me2DAY LOL LOL LOL LOL~

Keep in mind that Eva does not understand Korean. xD But she can read it! LUCKILY the registration was English written in Korean HAHAHAHAHA. Like it would say “nik neh-im” and that would be “nickname” xDD And “pae seu weo deu” = “password.” HAHA I FEEL SO SMART! xDDD;;

SO THEN I LEFT A COMMENT ON AMBER’S POST AND I FEEL SO PROUD. O_____O Sorry, I get proud of myself really easily. xD And to think that f(x)’s Amber might actually see something I wrote. OOOOO: I’m very fascinated by stuff like that. HA, I STILL FEEL SO SMART. I’m slowly invading Korean websites. >DDD


me2DAY basically is Korean Twitter. xD I don’t even have Twitter. Yet I have Korean Twitter. Hahahaha! ^^ I’m so happy I figured out some things and stuff, and I think, out of pure good fun, I’ll update every once in a while. xD

D: I wanted to go with the flow of things, so I wanted to upload a pic of myself as my profile pic, like most people did.. So I searched for a reasonably nice picture of myself. .___. Then when I realized that no such thing existed, I just uploaded whatever.. T.T But now I’m sad because I’m so ugly compared to everyone else… My facial features contain so many flaws T.T

I’m also sad that the dates got messed up, because I changed my country to USA so then the time changed too. D: I’m also also sad that whenever I update, my post will show up on the me2day stream -______- I don’t want people I don’t know seeing my random updates!


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