Sorry I’m blogging so often, ’cause, duh, blogging = addicting, but

9/9/09! :DDDDD That’s so cool! [Too bad I won’t see any more in this lifetime after 2012..]

I’ve come to really like the number 9. xD Wanna guess why? So Nyeo Shi Dae/Girls’ Generation!

GAHHH. Tiffany, a SNSD member I like a lot who happens to be from Cali, went on Soshified today! :O :O :OOOOO THAT’S SO COOLLLLLLLL. -is fascinated- GRR, DANGIT I didn’t know and I missed it! ;___;

Still, that’s soooooo cooooooollllll! I really admire her for doing that. Logging onto and chatting with SNSD’s international fanbase. :O That’s so cool! It really makes you feel close to her. I like it a lot when celebrities are like that.


Welp. Time to sleep so I can stress out tomorrow about violin auditions ;__; And first period, too.. At 7 AM.. And I have to be the first one to go.. T.T AND I SUCK AT VIOLIN. T.T T.T T.T I’m gonna get one of the last chairs for sure.


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