My first order of business: GAHHHHHHH JAEBUMMMM!!! I CAN’T BELIEVE HE’S LEAVING 2PM! ;_______;

He’s my favorite member too! Hilarious, sweet, great at dancing, great at singing, great at rapping. And he’s LEADER. ;___; GAHH. I can’t believe it. I mean, he makes ONE mistake[which wasn’t too big a deal] FOUR YEARS AGO, and people come up with SUICIDE PETITIONS for him?! [Who signs those?!?! I’ll shoot them all down!! That’s so inhumane and disgusting!] And now he’s QUITTING his own group, and 2PM were doing SO well too!, and coming back to America. ;_____; I just can’t accept this.

I’m not even a hardcore 2PM fan and I’m absolutely heartbroken.

Not just out of bias or the fact that 2PM is almost nothing without Jaebum, but because THIS ISN’T JUSTICE. I just hope after he gets a break and people start beating themselves out of guilt, Jaebum’ll rejoin with 2PM. They’re family, after all.

Here’s a tribute to him. Hilarious Jaebum fail. Also the video which made Kath fall in love with Jaebum and 2PM. My influence strikes again.

It’s times like this that Jaebum’s all-time favorite phrase comes in handy: “THIS IS A CONSPIRACY!”


Holy goodness, how is Luna only 16?! I mean, I KNEW she was near perfect already before–great at singing, great at dancing, gorgeous, sweet personality–but DAAANG this exceeded my expectations SO much. I don’t care if her English isn’t good; SHE IS SUCH AN AMAZING SINGER.
f(x)! <3 I have so much to learn from her.


Okay, sorry, back to me. xD So lately I’ve actually.. O___O not really had much to record! Hallelujah! -angels sing and light beams down on dancing Eva from heaven-

So.. xDDDDD Oh gosh.. I actually did a couple of ONE-SHOTS of
2NE1’s “Fire.” xDD I mean, I personally am not IN LOVE with the song, but it’s hecka fun to sing! Or rather, rap. ‘Cause the song is kinda a rap song anyway..

Not that I can rap. xD -is shot-

AND REMEMBER THESE ARE UNSERIOUS ONE-SHOTS ;___; Meaning mistakes galore! Wrong lyrics, terrible Korean, out of tune, oh you name it and you’ll find it! But it was for fun :D And it was fun.

Still kinda embarrassing though. T.T I usually spend months on solo dubs, but I spent a day on this.. which is why I would never upload it to my real youtube! :DD


On another note……. xDDDDDDD I had ANOTHER random, crazy spark of temptation last night for a new project LOL It’s so GAHHH!! xDD -is being spazzy and weird-

Don’t mind me; I just constantly get urges to try these new things or whatever. xD Like dancing or playing piano or rapping or drawing or animating or or designing or coloring and often, writing lyrics. You know what I wanna do someday? :O Compose. Like that’ll ever happen. xD Anyway, yeah, I wrote all the lyrics to my project last night and recorded like a minute of it today, so I guess there’s no backing out. xD;;

BUT I’M SCARED. xDDDDDD I’m gonna get bashed!

PS;; Over the three-day weekend, I got sucked back into Animal Crossing. xD <3 I FINALLY fricken got my DS wi-fi to work after all these years. I was playing with Chiisana all weekend. If you have a friend code, tell me, and we’ll play together! :3 :3


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