HOLY GOODNESS, f(x)! What kind of debut IS THIS?! :OOOO This video should be under the word “AMAZING” in the dictionary ’cause DANG, this was nothing short of amazing! I love f(x) <3333

The intro was crazy! Victoria is soo awesomeee *__* She did the flip and that crazy thing at the end of the intro. They’re all suuuuuch incredible dancersss! And maan, Luna and Krystal are really good at singing.. Dx I love them all..

If you haven’t already, you NEED to check them out! :O

LA chA LA chA TA TA~


One Response

  1. Amber.. *_* YOU’RE HOT, WOMAN! “ayerr”
    I was not excited for this group at all but now..kyah~ :D

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