SNSD – Destiny [Cover/Fandub]

Although I’m not a fan of constant autotune, I’ve been wanting to try singing a song with some. So I picked this because I’m currently really obsessed with SNSD xD and this song isnt that well-known.

Song: Destiny
Originally by: 소녀시대(SNSD)/Girls’ Generation

For the video, I just made a simple slideshow of SNSD’s.. really.. pretty pictures… T.T -tears of jealousy- And HA! My favorite line is 0:28 “You’re my slave~” That’s awesome. xD;; Though my voice doesn’t really fit the song..

And now that I’m a junior, I guess you’d expect me to record less and focus more on APs, but I think while I’m still in high school, I want to sing MORE. :3 ‘Cause who knows if I’ll be able to after, right? D:

I really want to make it clear that I’m not your regular dubber with the high, weak voice that only likes singing cute songs. I really want to establish that I want to sing in MANY styles, and that I really want to try everything. I mean, look at the range of what I’ve uploaded so far: Don’t Say “Lazy”, Yume no Tsubasa, no hesitAtIon[this one was cliche though], You Are My Love, Destiny..

I wanna sing in lots of different kinds of ways and lots of different kinds of songs and I wanna make/show that my singing is kinda flexible’ish, sort of. I’m still working towards that. For now I’ve had enough ballads and cutesy songs. I wanna rap and sing in Korean and Mandarin. :O And show the world that I’m not just what they think I am~

Anyway, Destiny was super fun to sing and hard ’cause it was so fast :3 I think once in a while, some autotune sounds really cool! I didn’t use it for most of the song though. Ah, and I’m just sad that ratings are doing so bad.


SQUEEEEE. f(x)‘s MV for “LA chA TA” came out so I’ve been rewatching/relistening to it over and over since yesterday. xDD I love it! I didn’t expect to, but I love f(x)! And I like the song a lot. :O

0:24 – Luna: Ahh she’s sooo pretty and she has this really nice feel to her. I think she sings really well and is awesome at dancing too!

0:32 – Krystal: SNSD Jessica’s little sister ^^ She’s  prettyy! I think she’s good at singing too and her voice is cute. But DAANG, she looks so mature! I can’t believe she’s the youngest and she’s 14!

0:45 – Sulli: D’aww, she’s so cute! Can’t believe she’s not youngest.

0:49 – VICTORIA: <333333 I LOVE HER. She looks so gorgeous in this MV! My only complaint about LA chA TA is that Victoria, despite being leader, barely got any parts or attention. D: I know she’s pretty and incredible at dancing, but I want to hear her real voice.

0:07 – Amber: She’s super recognizable because she’s the tomboy member with short hair. :3 She did the rapping at 2:52. Although I’m glad for her that she’s so popular, I personally am not feeling her rappng. Her rapping style isn’t really my taste, but maybe it’ll grow on me.


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