Summer Field

Summer Field by ~kojirurules on deviantART

UWAAHHHH! Look what Kojiru drew for me! ;___; It’s so pretty. <3

Sakura, Tomoyo, and Chii <3333 ^__^ Tsubasa Chronicle ftw.


On a random note[then again, when am I ever not random?], I’m really looking forward to SM Entertainment’s new girlgroup,
f(x)‘s debut!!! :OOOOO They’re gonna be a powerful group with charisma and apparently strong vocals and incredible dancing. Usually I’m not THAT into those kinds of groups, but I’m really excited for this one ’cause
1.) It’s SM. SM groups are 짱[best]. And SMTown family<3 [Speaking of that, DBSK KEEP THE FAITH!]

Victoria Song

<3333333 I LOOOVE HERRRR. She’s one of my role models, dude! She’s Chinese, like me, and is my height, and she’s GORGEOUS and such an amazing dancer! I can’t wait to hear her voice. ^^ And I’m looking forward to her personality too. [I hope f(x) aren’t just looks and dancing, and have as much character as SNSD~] She’s the leader of f(x), so I’d expect her to get a lot of attention. And come on, she’s got the prettiest name ever.

Also I’m super attached to her ’cause I liked her a lot way before news of f(x) came out :3

She was the girl in Super Junior-M’s “U” MV!
[HOLY GODD, NOSTALGIC!<3 Hi, Henry!! -is shot- -dies at violin part-]

ANDDDD the noona in SHINee’s “Noona Neomu Yeppeo” MV!
[Squeeeee, also nostalicccc! <3]

*___________* And I’m SO obsessed with both of these songs and MVs! It’s obvious, right?! I did a full cover of Noona Neomu Yeppeo before and.. SJM is like the love of my life. So there. :D These two were like the perfect debuts, I swear, and Victoria Song made it all the better. ^^

Ah, and I like all the other members, Krystal[SNSD Jessica’s sister! :OO], Luna, Sulli, and Amber, too! They’re all so interesting and so pretty in their own ways.

Oh, and OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG SJM’S COMEBACK SEPTEMER 10! DDDDDx -marked calendar- Buying for sure, yo!


Oh, and I think I haven’t mentioned this here yet: I am comletely obsessed and in love with SNSD/Girls’ Generation, and they are now my favorite girlgroup, ‘kay bye! 안녕히게세요! <–that’s right, right?


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  1. kyah! what a pretty picture :O it looks exactly like the real thing~
    I’m excited for F(x) too! I’m curious as to what this “new concept” will be D:

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