The Life of a Dork


*I REALLY get too excited about the most trivial things, so don’t mind me. ^^; Oh, and I complain/rant a lot.

I swear my role in life is to announce online all these things that happen to me that nobody cares about xDDDDDD But that’s fun too

I just do these ’cause I’m super bored when walking home[though it’s only when I’m almost home that there’s no one around, so I can vlog ;__;], and I always have something weird and insignificant to say. xD Plus I was thinking that if I blogged/vlogged while just walking home, I could use the time that I would spend blogging.. doing homework. ^^;; But then it always ends up that the wind screws up the sound, so I have to use up even more time SUBTITLING it. -____-

Ah, and because of the wind, I cut out a part when I said:
“Since Junior year is super important, I might just docment it like this =__= It can be called ‘Life of a Dork!’ .. I’m kidding. I can see people pressing their back buttons right now. I’ll just do this once in a while when I’m reaaally bored~”

Yeah.. I’m not gonna count on doing this much. xD The first few days of school are okay, but I feel like a loser. xD

BUT YEAH, I FEEL SO PROUD/SMART xDDDDD I would’ve never thought of pinning it up and wearing it as shorter shorts before!! xDDD -is shot- -has no common sense when it comes to clothes- Oh, and now, I have something new to wear, which feels like I got new clothes and it didn’t cost me a cent! [‘Cause otherwise they woulda sat in my closet.] I’m happy. xD Sorry. I know. Trivial. I’m weird and immature, yes. T.T



One Response

  1. I WANT to talk to Eva ^^
    I’m also unstylish :3 I pick out whatever’s next in the closet. I mean really, why waste time picking out stuff?

    Maybe you don’t understand Eva, but I think you’re just fine. Other people who aren’t your friends are just missing out.

    Really, open up a bit to me and we can go very far =p

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