First day being a Junior

Sorry I say “and, like” really often because 1) I’m a Cali girl; it’s how we speak, and 2) my train of thought always has busted tracks. =__= That’s why I don’t do speeches.

Oh and I have another thing to say about AP:
Wouldn’t killing me directly be significantly easier and quicker?



Eva, who’s a junior now and isn’t proud of it~

I wonder if my face will change by senior year. D:


2 Responses

  1. Lol aww, I love you, Ebah! xD You’re so adorable! <3 I really liked how you talked here for some reason. xD Skinny jeans <3 But anyways, I wish you the best of luck this year! We're all routing for you! <333

    Loveeeee that picture of you. I don't want your pretty face to change Dx <3

  2. -hug- Eva, you’re really too cute despite what you say =p
    Stop saying such pessimistic things!

    You know, if I knew you in real life, you’d be one of few people I’d try know very well, so maybe you can be my girlfriend one of these days =p

    I’m not kidding; singing, and a humble feel. I like that.
    What would you think? Would I be good enough to deserve you?

    ^^; Okay, I gotta go. Homework awaits; and school awaits in approximately 2 hours, of which I need to use to finish my homework.

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