Almost a junior!

Yeaaaah! I finally got to sing Kago Ai‘s comeback song, “no hesitAtIon” ^__^ <33 Very very happy about that. My voice sounds.. higher than usual though. xD


Ah, today’s the end of summer. D: Although other people would say I didn’t do anything this summer, I think I rather enjoyed it nonetheless ^^ And I got to record a lot! <3

I don’t know why this summer was so good to me overall. D: Although there were lots of times I stressed out and there were some issues and I had to worry about doing AP summer homework[UGH] and I stayed at home all summer, I was really very truly happy~ ^^ I was reborn last April. I had never enjoyed a summer before this one.

Usually I end summers with regrets, but I really don’t feel regrets right now ^^ I just wanna live life like his.

And it was super pleasurable that [instead of doing AP hw or studying for SATs ^^;; I’m terrible] I spent a lot of time doing things I like, like singing and recording and dancing and mixing and blogging and making things out of polymer clay and decorating a shirt and listening to lots of music and just sitting here on youtube watching Korean shows xDDD;; I wanna just do what I want from now on! But unfortunately, school won’t let that happen ;__;
[And yeah, I’m a huge loner xD Notice all those things I listed were things to be done alone usually.]


>_____> Honestly if I had the choice, I would choose to not to. D: I don’t like growing up. I’m really tall and stuff, but I’m so tiny on the inside. I’m really mentally a little kid ;___;

I cry over everything. T.T Lately, except for today, I’ve been crying everyday for SOME reason or another, from being stressed out or really touched or watching something sad. ^^;

I don’t like being called old! T.T I’m 8 years old at heart!!!!


Besides from cramming AP homework, fooling around is a must on the last day of summer.

CIMG1574 2

I’m so beautiful~


2 Responses

  1. Ahh~ I loved your new dub! <333

    Aww! Overall, I'm really happy that you enjoyed your summer! And don't worry, I know you'll be an AWESOME junior! We'll be new Juniors together! xD;; Fighting~~~

    Omg, I cried when I saw that too! :( I feel so bad for Tiffany, but I'm happy that the other members really care for her like a sister. ^_^

    LOL. You're not beautiful. You're gorgeous. <333 You and your outfit simply pwn.

  2. I really loved your new dub but youtube sucks and won’t let me comment on it.. I’ll try again later~
    You’re lucky to have had a fun summer! and good luck on your new school year~~
    I love your outfit(and you have pretty legs!…D:)

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