You Are My Love; Wings

T.T xDD;;……… I’ve been procrastinating on this post for 6 days.
I’m the best[worst?] procrastinator in the world! :Db <–thumbs up~


;___; I’ve actually been wanting to sing “You Are My Love” with my own piano accompaniment for.. more than two years? D: So I finally seriously started learning the music this summer[before, I gave up before getting past the first page; that’s how bad at piano I am T.T] and I finally recorded it and recorded the vocals, and I was SOOOOOOO excited and happy and ecstatic about it!

But after I uploaded it, it went all downhill from there. ^^ I did not do a good job of it at all. =/ At times, I’m a huge perfectionist so I’m like, “UGHHH I COULD’VE DONE BETTER THAN THAT.” And, like.. >____< I’m very disappointed with myself. Very, very disappointed. T.T I was really angry the day I uploaded it[it wasn’t ENTIRELY because I did poorly] and I cried for no reason that night while reflecting on my day.

I was already worried anyway about how people would react >__< I knew that because I was playing an instument, people would be more harsh and critical and aware and be all, “Oh I’m better at playing piano than you; you did this wrong and this wrong and I didn’t like how you did that.” x___X It actually somewhat’ish sort of happened like that? D: I didn’t like that people paid so much attention to the piano, as that was an ACCOMPANIMENT to my vocals and I’m not aiming to improve at piano. D: I mean, now that I’m done with this project, I probably won’t touch my piano again until.. next summer?

I’m definitely scarred though. No more putting piano-playing on the internet for Eva. And she feels even worse about her violin-playing since she’s much worse at it than piano. ;____; UGYUU I SUCKKKK.


Another summer goal of mine was to decorate my own t-shirt~
^________^ I’ve been wanting to do that since.. this summer! xD when I saw someone else’s reaaaally cute t-shirt. So I did it! :DDDD It’s not as easy as it seems D: And it takes longer than it looks..

CIMG1559 2
For some reason, I have a small obsession with ties and headphones xD And I think piano keys are pretty!

CIMG1557 2
And cute wings on the back! Eva can fly!
-Tomoyo style- OHOHOHO~!

Speaking of Tomoyo, I LOVE HER! SHE’S MY ROLE MODEL. AND SYAORAN-KUUUNNN!!! -insert annoying cliche highpitched fangirl squeal- squeeeeeeeee~~ I love CCS. ^____^ I get so happy watching my old tapes of it! <3


I loooooove this picture so much! Cardcaptor Sakura characters dressed as their Tsubasa Chronicle “counter-parts” :DDDDD! It’s pure genius! ♥ I found it in 2006. xD So long ago!


Oh yeah and my subscriber number turned from 102 to 101. -_____- It was a stab at my self esteem and I was hurt by it, but I guess if it’s ME, it’s understandable.


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