Um, first of all, a 100th person was nice enough to subscribe to me today, so YAY! I have 100 subscribers ;___; I’m so grateful. Thank you! Although I’m not a freak about subscriber amounts like I am with comments[|D;; so shoot me], this made me really happy!

100 is a lot. ;_______; I’ll keep going and pass my 418 of my old account! Although that will take really long ’cause I don’t get the chance to upload a lot.. xD;

Second of all, YUSHHHHH..!! My daddy went out to Fry’s and bought me a $30 brand-name mic ;__; I was really touched because in my family, we don’t just suddenly go out on a second’s notice, and because it’s so expensive. T.T I’m a huge cheapskate; my old mic was $15 and that’s a lot to me.

And.. :OOOOO Vista likes it! <3333 Yay! We have an established friendship! -hugs new mic- ^_________^ This means that I don’t have to wipe out my computer and reinstall Windows! Everything works now! ^^ I’m just sad I’ll have to do away with my old mic. =/ It was my first mic. I got it 3 years ago because my friends and I wanted to do a fandub of “Bokutachi wa Kore Kara” in English with me as Nabiki.
;__; It took me through some FMA parodies with my friends, my first fandub “For Fruits Basket,” many Mermaid Melody fandubs on which I got flamed, Arashi’s “We Can Make It!” which got me suspended from youtube, “First Kiss” which was my comeback for my new account, and now “Yume no Tsubasa” which is my favorite anime song and first Japanese song, where I also showed some [failed] voice acting for the first time.

But, welcome to my life, new mic! ♥
Hm. I think I’ll call you Maiccu-kun~ ^^
Please bring me some good recordings from now on!

On a third note, yay my skin is like really, really nice right now! xD It’s so smooth and not gross, and I’m really happy about it ^_____^ This is the best my skin’s been in.. my entire life. o___o I should celebrate! But all because I got a new doctor and she prescribed some pills and a new applicable medicine[though it has steroids T.T], but it works!

No more allergy pills[I’m not even allergic], herbal medicine, applicable medicines, or diets for me! I hope.

Also, I’ve been dubbed leader of the new group of Totally Up! Project, Star!U, which does Korean songs. xD That’s somethig to be happy about! And Lulu’s sub-leader! ^^ Looking forward to working with you even more~

Also, I’m EXTREMELY excited for two projects I’m currently working on. :D


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  1. uwahh congrats on your new mic and star!u! :DD
    By the way, I loved your remix! xD it’s super amazing~ you sound awesome all auto-tuned and chipmunkefied! but your real voice is lovelier :x

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