Arghhh. I’m really bleeping pissed off. I hate Windows Vista  -______- You’d suppose Microsoft would IMPROVE, but I still hate Vista and prefer XP much more over it. At least XP worked normally and didn’t screw things up. Jeez. Technology, seriously. People are going into space, and yet they can’t get a simple household computer to cooperate?! >__>

So here’s the story. My computer has screwed up OVER AND OVER. Something complicated happens and suddenly the intake of my mic is different, and I can’t work with the changes. =/ It’s hard to explain, but Vista’s screwed my microphone over many times already. >____> I lost count of how many times I’ve had to WIPE OUT MY WHOLE COMPUTER and redo Windows.

Eventually my dad and I found out that it usually starts being weird after Windows updates itself, so even though it makes my computer more vulnerable, we set it so that it wouldn’t update. That’s why things have been working well for a really long time. ._____. I thought I wouldn’t have to reboot again, so I spread my files all over and downloaded a bunch of programs and stuff.

This morning, Eva was in a good mood. She was looking forward to being home alone all week, because for some reason she likes playing alone. And even though she usually doesn’t do it in the morning because it hurts her throat, she woke up singing happily.

^____________^ And then I found out that Vista no longer was friends with my precious mic. And I thought maybe it wasn’t a bad as I thought, so I tried to record, but it was worse than I thought. -_- And then ^_______^ I found out that Vista either killed off my Javascript or Flash Player because YOUTUBE VIDEOS WOULD NOT WORK AT ALL. -goes off to stab something-

And no matter what, no matter how different things I tried, how many times I checked over the settings to see if I set them right, my STUPID COMPUTER did not let ActiveX run, therefore not letting me download Flash Player, resulting in NO MORE YOUTUBE FOR ME WTHHHHHHHHHHHH….!!! First no recording, and then no youtube?! Isn’t that, like, half of my life taken away?!?!

;_____; I called my dad several times and was just BAWLING into the phone because I was so angry and devastated, and then proceeded to cry some more and yell “I HATE YOU” at my computer over and over ^___^ Ooh, that brought out Eva’s ugly side~ Please excuse my temper!

So tomorrow, I’m wiping out the computer. The end!


But on a MUCH, MUCH, MUCH brighter note,
I, uh.. made a QUOTEQUOTE”remix”QUOTEQUOTE of my “Yume no Tsubasa” last night for fun. D:

I applied autotune, tampered with pitch and tempo, boosted the bass, and ended up with this. xD I was pretty amused by it last night. It’s sad though, that my voice is only at its best when you “”chipmunk”” it. xD It sounds a lot better than my voice.

I kept the dialogue part because Syaoran’s voice[Irino Miyu!<3] sounds ADORABLE like this.


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  1. Your remix is amazing!!! I still don’t understand Autotune >.> And your voice is at its best all the time Ebah-chan~

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