Yume no Tsubasa; Dress!

Yume no Tsubasa was the first Japanese song I ever learned and recorded, so it holds a lot of meaning for me. I still really love this song. I’ve wanted to record it again for a long time now, so I worked on this for a month, and here it is. :]

Sakura and Vocals: Eva / waterpixieva
Anime: Tsubasa Chronicle [my favorite~]

I don’t really sound like her, but I tried. ^^; Thank you for watching! :D

^________^ I’m soo happy I finally finished thiss! <333! I was really excited to upload it but now I’m worried because 1) I can’t voice act, 2) Even though my voice is super high, it’s scarily not high enough to fit Sakura, 3) I can’t scream in a fake voice, and 4) I suck at holding out notes. ;__; And then there’s my nonexistent popularity on youtube..

And I don’t want to sound desperate, but I just wanted to put this out there: I love feedback aka video comments. xD


I usually hate people listening to my old dubs because GOD, THEY ARE PAINFUL TO THE EARS, but I will make an exception this time because I love Yume no Tsubasa. Out of curiosity, I made a duet with this recording and the last Yume no Tsubasa I sang, from my old account.

2009 = Sakura
2007 = Syaoran

Man this is embarrassing. ;____;
Although I still have a very long way to go, I’m happy I was able to improve this much ^__^ <3


Today I went to the wedding banquet of people I’ve never met before and frankly don’t care about.

To be honest I was kinda’ish looking forward to it because I was able to wear a dress >___< I’m not really the kind of person who dresses up and I guess it doesn’t seem like me to like wearing dresses, but occasionally, I’d really like to just wear a pretty dress and feel like a princess or something. Dx I like it..

CIMG1369 2

I wore my “infamous” black dress that I wore two years ago to my 8th grade graduation dance. Although it’s a bit childish for a teenager, I LOVE it >____< I personally think it’s really pretty. It’s not a typical teen dress, but it’s got layers and flowers and kinda-frills, and it’s like a princess’s dress~ *_____________* I <3 it.

But of course I wouldn’t buy something like that; a relative brought it for me from Hong Kong. ^^; But I’m really happy because with this height, I can never pull off stuff like this.

 <– Me, two years ago~

Unlike most high schoolers, I don’t really care too much about how I look. Not only do I not like make-up a lot, but because of my skin problems, I’m not allowed to put on make-up anyway.
But sometimes, iono, I just feel like maybe for an occasion like this, it’d be kind of nice to try “”prettying”” up my face for a while. T.T

And unfortunately, my skin’s been upset lately so I didn’t exactly glow next to all the people wearing, probably, a solid, inch-thick layer of make-up. But that’s okay; I was never meant to be Edward Cullen. :D



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  1. Awww, I really loved this dub, Ebah. You’re voice is angelic and lovely. Your voice acting really wowed me. xD It was so cuteeee! <333

    You are way too cute, Ebah! That dress is really pretty and it really does suit you well. <333333

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