Bring Me to Life! [Please!]

I just uploaded a Tsubasa Chronicle AMV to “Bring Me to Life.” I finally finished it after one year. ^^;; When I was making it, I really liked it, but now I’m like ehh. I’m a huge comment freak, but I don’t expect much feedback at all for this one.
[SYAORAN-KUUUUNNNNN! ;______; -sobs-]


Ugyuuuuuu… I want to recorddddd >____< I want to be able to record really badly.. For the past few weeks, I’ve been “babysitting”[technically it’s my dad that’s babysitting, but I’m the one that plays with them.] and though I don’t mind playing and hanging out with them, I’m not happy with the fact that I have to give up so much of my time. =/

I already don’t get much recording time, which is completely unfair ;__;, but now… D;

Though iono if I would be able to record anyway since I might be SICK.

My throat’s been kinda hurting, though that’s pro’lly ’cause even when it hurts, I keep talking and singing randomly. But then something weird happened. D: I don’t usually sneeze much at all, but two days ago, I started sneezing a lot. D: As if I was really sick. And my nose has been running, and I get this weird feeling in my nose that I usually get in the Winter when I’m sick or about to become sick. ;__;

It’s so strange though. Other than my dizzy spell and back ache last night, I haven’t been feeling exactly sick.. But just as I thought, my health is deteriorating. =____=


And just because this post looked drab. xD


Look! :D I’m developing a cheek dimple! -beams-
I’ve always wanted those! Though it’s not very apparent in pictures. xD The lighting is bad. Makes everything all yellow’y. On another note, my skin looks a lot better than before ^^ Boo-yah!


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