Hahaha I ♥ my new youtube background. xDDDD

I just hope it works on everyone else’s computers ’cause we have different screen sizes. D; And youtube killed the quality of the picture. It was so pretty before. Oh well~ I still like it! :D Boo-yah!

So I’m weird, so what? ^___^


Oh oh! My parents’ friend gave me a bunch of plain’ish t-shirts his company was giving away, so I bought a couple of fabric markers and SQUEEEEEE. I’ve been wanting to decorate my own shirt for a while now! I’m extremely excited! :D And if I screw up, I have more I can draw on! Woot~~ ^__^


Oh and I went to Michael’s yesterday and it was heaaaven ’cause I love staring at all the artsy stuff; everything was so pretty and creative and cute and clever and inspirational! :OOO If I had money, I would buy so much stuff to make :333

Gee gee gee gee, baby baby baby~


2 Responses

  1. I know what you mean~ I love being in Michael’s or Hobby Lobby :3 Making shirts ish fun too, I want to make some soon xD I can save money on the things I fangirl about~ xD

  2. I can’t see your youtube background T_T
    unless it’s supposed to be all blue? =D
    I love Michaels too <3

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