… I was feeling kinda dead and under the weather, fortunately for the first time in a long time, so I felt like doing something completely random. .__.

Chiisana had a really cute drawing in her room of Check! 3 where I was displayed as the apathetic, sarcastic kitty who went “=_= Sigh~” at clueless Chii-bunny and energetic Kathy-woof woof. At first I thought, This is incredibly adorable and creative but no way! I don’t even like cats! I’m a dog person! I have 30 stuffed dogs in my room and 20 in the extra room!

In the end, it really fits me, doesn’t it? D; Oh well.
I’m starting to like kitties more now. I even played around wearing that thing all day yesterday. Actually, it supposedly belongs to Kath, but we’re twins, so our traits are transferable.

-pokes Kyo pillow-


5 Responses

  1. awwww, Evava the kitty~~ :D so cute :3♥

  2. You make a really adorable cat, Ebah. <333

  3. It is sad T0T

    uwahh~~ you’re so KYOOOTTT XD I think you should show us that drawing x)

  4. So so cute~ :3 I want to take you home xD

  5. oooooooooo~~~~ so so so cute!! it does fit you~~ ^o^

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