Fuwa Fuwa Taimu!

Fuwa Fuwa Time – Eva ft Chiisana

Mio: waterpixieva
Yui: ChiisanaChanx3
Ritsu (counting intro): rawrrkathy [Surprise!]

Fuwa Fuwa Time – Chiisana ft Eva

Vocals (Yui) : Chiisana / ChiisanaChanx3
Back-Up Vocals (Mio) : Eva / waterpixieva
Voiceover / Dialogue (Yui, Mio, Azusa, Ritsu, Nodoka) : Chiisana / ChiisanaChanx3

DDDx Isn’t Chiisana ridiculously talented at, like everything? =__=

Oh and I love the audience, though it should’ve been louder and there should’ve been more of my insanity. [“MARRY MEE!” “Marry me too!” “CHIISANA I LOVE YOUUUU!” “YUI KAWAIII~~” “I’m a Mio fan and I’m proud of it!!” “And the crowd goes, aaaaaaggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”]


Huhuhu, comments would be very much appreciated~ We worked for pretty long on these. Though I’m pretty disappointed right now at how mine is faring, but whatever.

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