I predict a long post ahead. xD


Shaoran Prince Outfit

I used to be so obsessed with CCS and I was just totally in love with Syaoran ’cause he’s awesome and cute and the best. :DD! But then I sorta started forgetting about CCS when I fell in love with Tsubasa Chronicle. D; [Omg Tsubasa Syaoran–well, the clone–is like my anime crush HAHA. <3 Who needs real guys? ^^] Well anyway, I still really like CCSyaoran a lot and I think he’s adorable and he has the best character ever, so I still do celebrate his birthday every year. xDD.. So I’m a dork, so what?

Happy birthday, Syaoran-kun! :]

Hahaha, I’m happy. xD;; Recently I started rewatching all of my old Cardcaptor Sakura/Cardcaptors tapes. ^^ I’m a bad girl who doesn’t sit with her parents at the dinner table, and sits on the couch watching TV while eating. xDD.. But that’s ’cause I’m a huge multitasker who gets bored when I only do one thing, even if it’s eating. Anyway, I’ve been watching an episode per day and it’s been just the best. ^^

Like today there was the part where Sakura’s dad visits their school and talks about archaeology, and then Syaoran talks with him about archaeology and ruins and gets all excited, which was REALLLLYYYYY cute because it reminded me of Tsubasa Chronicle. :] [Because in Tsubasa, Sakura’s dad is Syaoran’s dad, and they’re both archaeologists.] And then and then! Syaoran found out that he was Sakura’s dad and was all GRRRR. ^__^ And I CAN’T WAIT for tomorrow’s episode because it’s the one where they’re at the beach and they have to visit this shrine in the cave, and then everything starts disappearing, and I LOVE that episode because the SyaoSaku’ness is totally cute, and then I’ll get to be like, “HOMG SYAORAN DON’T DISAPPEARRRR!!!!” and embarrass myself. ^_____^ So I’m a dork, so what?

Well, since I’m speaking of CCS and TRC… xD

Mokona Colored

xD Don’t ask me why, but I went and colored these Tsubasa manga pictures last week… I just get random urges to do random new things. Not perfect coloring, but fun. But I love these scenes ’cause they’re so sweet. ^^

Tsubasa Chronicle is a really complicated, really deep, really impressive story, but most of the time I think I kinda prefer the first half of it, back when everything was simple’ish and sweet and cute. I really liked that, despite not remembering him, [clone] Sakura fell in love with [clone] Syaoran all over again. But now.. they have a child. ;____; I’m sorry, but.. something about that… I know it’s essential to the story and the paradox, but I think I’d rather not see them as adults with a child and everything? ;__;

The story makes me sad though. I hate the stupid neverending circle thing. >___< The clones Sakura and Syaoran have been through enough, but because time is repeating, they have to be separated and wait in the glass tube for a long time, and then they have to go and fight. D: Okay, I’ll stop. ^^;


Yesterday, Kojiru and I wandered the streets in the city of San Francisco by ourselves. :D And we took the bus to Japantown by ourselves. It was lots of fun! Totally new first experience. ^^

In Japantown, I bought a writing board that has the image of Syaoran and his Kudan on it ^_^ Of course I’m not gonna use it, so I’m going to tape it on the wall behind my bed with the rest of my Tsubasa Chronicle things! <3 -sighs dreamily-

And we took Purikura again! :DDD <33 Very fun and it gets addicting.


That reminds me. I still haven’t blogged about Fanime, where Kojiru, Chiisana, and I took Purikura. Wow. xD I’m the best procrastinator ever.


7 Responses

  1. aaa ;o; I never actually read tsubasa’s manga, nor watched all of the eps >.<

    yer good at coloring :3 ♥

    • hey dere,
      i’m a TRC fan too. I love reading TRC. It’s just fantastic. Clamp has certainly used a lot of brain to come up with such an intriguing story.
      But I’m a “little” confused about the whole story. I mean like the loop and all that.
      Anyways I too m a huge Syaoran-kun FAN!!! I just love him. He’s really cute and sweet. And u have done a really good job of coloring the picture.

  2. ah…………I’m sorry I forgot to greet you but still, happy birhday sweety!

  3. just to remind all readers,I SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO LOVE YOU SYAORAN!

  4. Hello! I’m Xandra. I love Tsubasa Chronicles and CCs too! ever since I figured out there was Tsubasa I watched every season! Including season 4. Anyway if you want to be friends with me to chat and talk about ourselves, my address is there.

  5. Hello! I’m Xandra. I love Tsubasa Chronicles and CCs too! ever since I figured out there was Tsubasa I watched every season! Including season 4. Anyway if you want to be friends with me to chat and talk about ourselves, my address is there.
    Advanced Happy B-day Syaoran!

  6. I luv CCS more than TCR bcoz TCR is bit confusing…but I like to watch it bcoz it displays the luv between Sakura(very cute) and Syaoran(my fav char).
    Syaron u rock!!!!!!!!!!!

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