How come

nobody blogs or comments anymore?

I thought that in summer, everyone would be more active and have more time to spend doing things they were too busy to do before. But to me, it seems as if everybody except for me is even more busy? Like I never talk to anybody via instant messenger because people never log on. And forums are basically dead. Like, roadkill kind of dead. And then nobody blogs or reads other people’s blogs. :O

People say they don’t blog because nothing happens, but that’s not true. D; Don’t you know stream of consciousness? Your mind never stops thinking.


So, uh.. yeah. Hw is killer. =____= I hateeee school… so much…. I wanna drop out~

Um, yeah. I’m pretty sure I got stupider over summer. =__= The summer homework is really hard and it’s a LOT. Especially for AP Chemistry because there’s so much memorizing. And then holy crap, AP Language… I don’t even understand the DIRECTIONS for the AP Lang summer hw. >___< I don’t know what to do!

I got my grades today and I got three A+’s and four A’s. So now I’m sitting here thinking, “How on Earth did this Eva do that? Hm..” -crawls under rock-


One Response

  1. You don’t know, but I visit your blog at least once in a week. I have a pretty busy life, but I do like to read your posts and see you singing \o/.
    Come on, I am not on vacation yet (I am brazilian)! You are so lucky and should enjoy it as much as you can! Soon you will be tired of it and won’t wanna drop out school anymore (oh God, I do)!
    I hope I gave you some hope! =] Bye!

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