Happy 4th of July!

KATHY IS A HUGE CHEATER! >O She put up a picture with no face! Look at my pictures! I put a LOT of face! Sometimes I even put multiple pictures! And you’re the pretty one, so what’re you worried about! CHEATER CHEATER CHEATER. -sticks tongue out-


Today I went to this pretty city next to San Francisco and got to eat at this restaurant called Dessert Republic :OOOOO JUST LOOK AT THE NAME! Omg, it was such a unique restaurant! And the food… *____*

But what made Eva really sad was this:

Mango Lychee Crepe

…Lychees and mangoes are, like, my two most favoritest fruits ever… I mean, I use “LycheeMochi” as a username. =____= But homg…

It made me sad ’cause I’m not allowed to eat mango, I’m not allowed to eat lychee, I’m not supposed to eat a lot of ice cream or cold stuff, and the crepe is super expensive. ;____________;

But eventually after moping and whining a lot, my dad let me get it. o____o …YATTAAA~~~! Ebah was teh happiest girl on Earth! Well, I mean, it’s Independence Day so I should get freedom at least once, yes? :DD And my luck got even better! They ran out of vanilla ice cream, so I got to request chocolate ice cream instead! <3333333 MY MOST FAVORITE THING EVER.

So I was superly happy and in the middle, I started thinking, “Wow, I must be enjoying this so much that I’m not getting the least bit nauseous even though I can’t take too much sweet at once!” …And eventually I got nauseous and had to give my mom the last bite… ;__; -fail- Actually, hours later, I still am feeling kinda nauseous/headache’y, so yeah.. Probably the last crepe I’ll ever have in my life.

Oh and then my mom pissed me off, so the rest of my day sucked. Some people are really lucky they get along well with their parents and family and some people spend a lot of time with their family and get to hang out with their cousins. But I never really got along with my family. To be honest, I have a hatred towards them[not parents though] and I’m not too afraid of admitting it. o__o;; I know, I’m a terrible person. And I never had any siblings or cousins. O__o So I’m almost kinda jealous’ish? Anywayyyyy~


A while back, I recorded a full solo song. “Noona Neomu Yeppeo (Replay)” by SHINee. I already had all of Jonghyun’s lines done for Lulu’s project[is that still going?] and he sings, like, half the song, so I figured I might as well record the rest. A lot of time went into this song.

I changed the feel of the song a LOT.
And yeah.. my voice is way too high for this song. Too thin and nasally too. So it turned out kinda ehh-sounding. Not to mention I suck at rapping, riffs, and low notes, but hey, at least I got to try something new?

Actually I wanted to upload this to waterpixieva at first, but the sound of this disgusts me a little and it got bad responses, so I’m only putting it here.

*Thanks to Lulu who helped me figure out some of Onew’s adlibs! You need to blog more!

PS;; You don’t need a wordpress to leave a comment~


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