OMG IT’S OUT. <333333333!

This is Taiwanese singer/actress Ariel Lin‘s MV for “Firefly” featuring Siwon and Donghae from Super Junior. :] I LOVE IT! <333

I like Ariel as an actress and I love SJ, so of course I was looking forward to this! And it was totally worth it. I love everything about this MV. xD It makes me so happy~ I love the song and Ariel’s voice and the MV and the storyline and the scene with the random umbrella[lol, the reaction..] and the colors and the feel and all the dorkiness, and everything! I think they picked GREAT SuJu members for this. Both are handsome, gentleman-like, but capable of being totally dorky and cute, can act, and can speak some Chinese. ^^

-hauntingly- You muust watch eettt~ It’s so sweet! :D


One Response

  1. Ahh Ebah, I started humming this song a while ago… Now, I can’t stop listening to it! She’s really pretty, and Shiwon and Donghae were really good choices for the MV. :]

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