Hi July!

It’s picture time.


Ahem ahem. Click here please for your new source of KathKath cuteness throughout the month of July, thank you very much. :]

Oh, sometimes I love myself so much. xDDD;; Tehe.

But rofl at how she has a category called “Eva.” Oh dude, that’s awesome.
You know I love ya, twinnie~


On another note, happy birthday to SuJu’s “angel without wings” leader, Eeteuk! ^_____^ Though I love how everyone makes fun of him for it, he doesn’t seem old to me.

He’s been really stressed and a bit depressed lately, but it seems like he’s cheering up, so I hope he continues to feel better. :D Well, it’s his day, so hopefully all of the birthday wishes will help. Eeteuk’s a fantastic person. He does a lot for his group and he always cries when they accomplish stuff or when he’s touched, and I have a ton of respect for him! SuJu jjang.♥

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