D: Oh no. I’m totally crushed right now. This has been a bad week.

First MJ passed away[&may he rest in peace ;___;] and now there’s so much bad luck in K-pop. There’s talk everywhere about this now, but today some unfortunate accidents happened at Music Bank.

First, SuJu’s Sungmin<3 tripped over a stage prop during rehearsal and had to get stitches on his knee. ;___; Poor, poor guy.

And then during the encore in actual show, a light fixture fell towards SHINee’s Onew<3 :OOOOOOOOO Scaryyyy! T.T But but! Super Junior’s Siwon and Kyuhyun caught it and saved him <33333! My huge amount of respect for them just SKYROCKETED! I’m so proud of them. :OO -cries a river-

;_______; And then Onew fainted and had to go to the hospital…. Poor, poor, poor guy… I hope he feels better soon. >___< So many bad things happen to him.

But yeah. Iono but it was just really sad and devastating. How could they let these things happen? ;__; Such bad luck.


Oh yeah, and I lied. I thought June 21st was Super Junior’s last performance for their 3rd album, but I guess today was. o___o Happy and sad at the same time. D; Very bittersweet performance. But really good<3 I loved it~

I’m really glad it looks like leader Eeteuk[0:41] is feeling better. :] He’s been kinda depressed lately, and I just feel bad that he has to deal with so much stress, but now he looks better and hopefully healthier. ^^ And once again, Yesung’s high note amazes me. <3

I really liked the way they did it this time, going straight into “Sorry Sorry” after “It’s You.” :] And they did the whole “Sorry Sorry,” which was awesome.

AND SUNGMIN. OMG<33333 He’s so admirable! Even though he was injured, he still went and performed ^___^ He didn’t dance and stood by himself on another part of the stage. He’s so cute too, trying to dance along. And he’s still smiling and doing his best :] What a sweetie. [I kinda wish Kibum would do the same during Super Show 2. ;__;]

And I loved that they all started walking out to different parts of the stage. :] AND THE END *_______* Heechul seemed to be in REALLY good spirits and he was just awesome! “Genie for you, ELF! Ha ha ha!” That was really nice of him to plug in SNSD xD

And btw, congratulations to SNSD on their awesome comeback and their win! I loved their comeback performance. “Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)” is really good.

Anyway, this was a fantastic Goodbye stage. <3 I really enjoyed it. :] I’m really happy and sad at the same time. D;


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  1. Yeah, it was a pretty bad week, huh? MJ, then Billy Mays o.o;; I’m so impressed by Sungmin for deciding to perform despite his injury! ^__^ And like you, I’ve gained respect for Kyuhyun and Shiwon for being the heroes of the day. Shiwon really is the true gentleman of SuJu. xDD;

    It was a great goodbye stage, just as nice as SNSD’s comeback stage! SNSD & SuJu fightingggg <3

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