Goodbye SJ; Happy birthday, Ryeowook!

I was thinking, “Ah, how nice that Super Junior’s last 3rd album performance is on Ryeowook’s birthday~” but.. I don’t want it to end. D: It’s a happy and sad day.

Super Junior’s Goodbye Stage on Inkigayo – “It’s You” & “Sorry Sorry”

They didn’t do as many special things as they did yesterday, unfortunately. I kind of wish that they brought the big banner out today instead of yesterday, but it’s okay.

It was a good performance :] Though to be honest, I was a tad disappionted because I’m big on first impressions, so when Donghae, who sings the first line, starts out kinda weak’ish, it puts me off for the rest of the performance. D; But it was still good! Yesung, as usual, nailed that crazy high note.

And with the return of “Sorry Sorry” came the headmics and bad quality. D: But they were able to dance better, and the dancing was awesome. And I gotta hand it to them: they’re a bunch of nice guys, but their expressions and moves were really fierce!

I know some people cried when watching this, but I was smiling throughout. ^^; At 0:59, SuJu’s leader Eeteuk shouted happy birthday to Ryeowook<3! :] So sweet! And Ryeowook was all happy about it. He was smiling during his solo at 1:13, so I couldn’t help but smile too.


생일 축하합니다, Kim Ryeowook! ♥♥♥
Happy birthday!<3

He may be 22 now, but he’s SuJu’s Eternal Magnae[youngest] and probably will always be my favorite member in SJ13.

Ryeowook’s got an amazingly talented voice with an angelic sound and composes songs. And while he’s a motherly figure who loves to cook and take care of the other members, he’s like a kid, and he’s just adorable and innocent. ^^ I’ve got a lot of respect for this guy.<3

I’m not planning to do a whole big birthday picspam post like last year, but I wanna share some of my favorite stuff. [But in the end, it’ll probably be one, huh? xD]

thefamouscookiedough made this video and I thought it was really cute. :3 It has both old and recent clips of Ryeowook; you can at least tell by the hair. xD It’s like watching him grow~

Singing “Honesty” – This is the very first video of Ryeowook I ever watched; his voice captured me from the start ’cause it’s just that good. Still a favorite :]

“Love U More” – A song off of SJ’s “Sorry Sorry” repackaged album which RYEOWOOK COMPOSED. :DDDD And the lyrics are written by him and Sungmin! <3

Ryeowook’s super ultra awesome dive into the pool – I miss Explorers of the Human Body xD<3 And dude, he’s just like me!

Singing Wang LeeHom’s “Kiss Goodbye” – I loove this song :O And his Chinese is pretty good.

“Ryeowook imnida~” – Lol at the others imitating his famous line.

Playing piano – In one of the clips, he plays and sings “Kiss Goodbye” :3

Singing “Saranghamnida” – Beautiful<3

YeoYouManMan – This isn’t just Ryeowook-based, but there’s some nice stuff in here about him. It’s my favorite recent show featuring Super Junior. :] It’s really great. It had me laughing SO hard except for part 5 which made me cry, because the members talk about their family, Donghae talks about his father–may he rest in peace–and a lot of the members cry. It’s really good and recommended. My favorite part is the first half where they go to their dorm and explore their rooms. Ryeowook has a Winnie the Pooh plushie on his bed!

 <–Oh, he loves rollercoasters. xD;;
ryeowook-23 ryeowook-37


[Edit;; Aww! Ryeowook left a message on SuJu’s official homepage!
Ryeowook Birthday 2009]

Although I hate to see Super Junior leave for now, I hope they have a good rest and I wish them success in their upcoming tour of Asia, Super Show 2. ^^ Their 3rd album was really, very successful. They dominated Korea for the first half of 2009 and had the most sales, passing 200,000! And they won 12 awards! :] Though I wish they were able to win one more so it’d be 13, I think 12 is kind of fitting because only 12 of the 13 members actually performed.
Congratulations, guys~ You worked hard~

Now I’ll be waiting for Super Junior-M‘s[and Henry’s] return!


5 Responses

  1. happy birthday ryeowook, i hope you always be good okay

  2. Ryeowook Hyung

    Happy Birthday.Actually I want to give birthday present.But I don’t know your address completely.I am sorry.May I know your home address please? How should I do?

  3. happy birthday

  4. Happy Birthday!
    Although I want to give u a present, but we can’t meet & can’t give to you.
    Thus why I give my present here.
    My shiny Prince ” wookie” ,
    may you got a lot of love from everybody at your every Birthday.
    And please do read the web writing about u& SuJu.
    They can give u some energy.
    Bye Bye

  5. Ryeowook I like you very very I want to give you birthday present but I and you very far

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