SuJu’s MuCore Goodbye


;______; I already cried multiple times today[long stories] but OMG NOOOO. T.T This is Super Junior’s Music Core “Goodbye” Stage… That means this is their last performance of their 3rd album, Sorry Sorry, on the music program Music Core…

TT_____TT I can’t believe 3rd album promotions are ending ALREADY! It doesn’t feel like 3 months! And I REALLYYY LOOOVEEEEE “It’s You” and there’s no way they performed that song enough ;___; They just made their comeback and they’re going already? HOW CAN THIS BEEEEE?!
But then, they reaaaaaaaaaaally deserve rest, but but but but but….

-sniffle- Anyway.. Since this is their goodbye stage, they did a medley of “It’s You” and “Sorry Sorry” which was cool. Basically they did shortened versions of both songs.

I was a bit disappointed’ish by the “It’s You” one ’cause even though I like the new formation thing, I just feel Yesung’s high note ad libs just aren’t as impactful when they’re not at the end of the song. And poor Yesung; his vocals seemed kinda off. =/ But it’s okay. After a gajillion PERFECT, AMAZING performances, I suppose one off one is perfectly fine. It also kinda seemed like they were having technical difficulties, ’cause Yesung had to fidget with his earpiece during the bridge.

They look really good though. :] Really sharp. I love Ryeowook’s glasses. xD And I love how Eunhyuk changed the dance for his solo dance in “Sorry Sorry”.

But what REALLY got me is when, at the end, they rolled out this huge banner that says
We love you. Thank you. We’ll remember this.
;______; Ugyuuuuu~ Touching~~~~

On another note, tomorrow is Ryeowook’s birthday!<3


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