I love Asian entertainment.


I wanna go shoppinnnggggggggggggg………..

I wanna go buy thiiinnnngssssss…………….

I need to buy clotthhesssssss……………….

And ballet flattssss and jeaansss and a beltttt and dresss shirtssss andd at least oneeeee nice jacket that fits meeeeeee………… B-b-but.. ;__; Money… WHY DO I HAVE TO BE POOR AND WHY DO I HAVE TO BE DORKY AND NOT HAVE A SENSE OF FASHION AT ALLL?!

I am a deprived teenaged girl.


But on another note.

HOMG. I ACTUALLY WENT TO, LIKE, A STORE TODAY. :OOOOOOO Well, it was a bookstore. Well, it was a Chinese bookstore. .__. And it was for my dad to buy the newspaper. BUT OMG DO YOU KNOW WHAT I SAW?!

AKA Hana Yori Dango/Boys Over Flowers/Boys Before Flowers Korean version. :OO Aka my favoritest drama in teh entire world, dude! Omggg DDDx -dies-

12 dollars… ;___; I literally moped around the store for five minutes ’cause it costs money BUT IT WAS CALLING FOR ME!!!!
[Yeah, see, when I use a lot of exclamation points, then I mean it and am having an explosion of emotions.. Yap yap.]


In the end I bought it *___________* But I feel bad ’cause it was like 12 bucks down the drain. Dx All because of me.. It was like the first thing I bought in a long time ’cause I tried my best to stay away from stores. Actually, I went in one store a few days ago and that was when my “ZOMGINEEDTOGOSHOPPINGNAOOO” thing started. -____- Life is sad.

But I’m happy! ‘Cause ’cause it’s Kkotboda Namja! ^___^ And it’s pretty and literally sparkly and bright and just..beautiful.
Unfortunately, the quality of the DVDs sucks. =/ And for a while, I was actually willing to try to return it.. Then I found out I CAN’T return. So now I’m happy happy about it again. xD Although I laugh because whoever made this mispelled Kim Hyun Joong’s name. xDD I hope somebody important notices this and laughs at them.


My daddy was getting the free newspapers and I saw there was a stack of free magazines next to it called “East Entertainment.” And I thought, hey, it’s free and I’m bored, and hey, I’m into Asian entertainment so I might actually know somebody in it! So I took one.

And I’m so glad I did. ^_____^

‘Cause I turned to a page and BAMMM! It was a page about the Asian endorsers of Pepsi. See, usually, that wouldn’t matter to me at all. But which Chinese group happens to be an endorser of Pepsi this year? Say it with me!

Super Junior M (201)


Super Junior M Pepsi in East Entertainment Scan
SJ-M w/ Show Luo, Jolin Tsai, Lee Junki, Louis Koo, and Huang Xiaoming [watch the commercial!] and Joey in the corner [I love her! And somehow her side profile looks like Takahashi Ai!]

Happy that they even get to be in the magazine with all the famous older celebrities that I’ve never heard of, disappointed that it’s biased towards everyone but SJ-M, but very happy that I can finally put SJ-M on my wall! Yaaaay!

And the parade doesn’t stop! :O I turned on the computer and went to my usual sites and found out that Super Junior released a dance version for “Neorago”[It’s You]! :OOOOOOOOOO I’ve been waiting forever for this! Okay, well, I waited for a while, then gave up and made my own. But now, I can actually learn the RIGHT moves.

Though this is more pressure on me ’cause if there wasn’t a dance shot, I put a video of myself doing the dance online, and I get moves wrong.. at least “But there wasn’t a proper dance version!” would be a very legit excuse. Now, people could compare. =__=

You know what’s funny is that I’m learning that dance, but I’m also learning this dance. Ahah, matches my split personality.


2 Responses

  1. UWAH! So cool!!! You’re so lucky all that stuff just happens to pop out of nowhere for you xDD

    And I wanna see you dance moore~! :3

  2. AHH!!! EBAH IS OFFICIALLY THE LUCKIEST DUCK ON THE PLANET!!! xDD I’m so jealous of you right now x333 But I’m happy, too! xDD I agree with Michigo, it’s so cool that all these things happen for you out of nowhere! xD

    Ebah dancing = WIN :D I’m looking forward to more, too! ^O^

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