Shiny~ -stares-

I mentioned this before, but I signed up to try for Allkpop Idol and I actually went through with it. O__o So yeah, a few days ago’ish I uploaded my video where I sang “Because I’m A Girl.”

;___; I hate this video. Not only is it embarrassing and sucky and just BLAHH, it RUINED my 5-star streak. =/ I can’t wait until I can delete it.


Also, I finished the song “Happy” for my 3rd solo single in Totally Up! Project. D; It’s terrible. Whenever I listen to it, I’m just like, “EWWWWW.”
I have no idea how Koharu hits all those high notes -___-;;; They’re killer and horrifying. I literally screamed the whole song. T.T -shudders- This is

Now that your ears are bleeding, let’s redeem them by listening to Chiisana‘s lovely new fandub of “My Love is a Stapler from K-On!, shall we? :]



Last year as a freshman I took crafts at school, and I made a clay slab box that I finished glazing[the color] but never got to glaze-fire because I fell behind. FINALLY, last week, at the very last week of school as a sophomore, I went to my old teacher and got it glaze-fired. xDDD;;
And it’s not the best, but I’m really happy to have it finished.
I love the colors *__* They’re really smooth and shiny and bold~

Slab Box Slab Box 2
Slab Box 3 Slab Box 4

The side with my name on it is really ugly. D: The lighting bounces off and makes it look WAY patchier than it already is. ;__; It’s really not as bad as it looks. But I was disappointed with that side. But it’s not my fault, I guess, because the glaze is melted in the glaze-fire and it runs, so messiness is inevitable.

My favorite side is the orange one with yellow candies. :3 It’s so cute and the colors turned out so full and smooth and the colors are soft and adorable. I just want to eat it!


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