OMG. :[ I can’t believe the schoolyear’s almost over.

Today was my very last day in my English sophomore honors class. At the end of class, I was the last one to leave the classroom, and when my teacher called me over for a hug, I just started crying. ;____; And I cried twice again after that.


And I can’t believe today was the last day in that class. =/ That was the hardest class I’ve ever had[it’s the hardest of all the English honors classes at my school] and I didn’t realize until today that my teacher was probably the best teacher I’ve ever had. I’M GOING TO MISS HER SO MUCH. >____<

I mean, she’s hard and scary and intimidating and her class is challenging, but you just can’t hate her even though she assigned an essay the day we got back from a break that was due the next day. I totally love her: she’s sarcastic and clever and wise and really understanding. I felt like she really kind of understood me. Most people around here have one-sided personalities, but I have many, many split personalities.

Most of the time people would think I’m just this quiet, unfashionable, nerdy girl who barely has any feelings, but I really get pissed off easily. Like once, I had to be in a group with a guy in my class I hate, and somehow–I don’t know how–but I guess my teacher noticed I seemed irritated and she stopped me on my way out and was like, “So what does he do that frustrates you the most?” and I started this sort of mini-rant thing about ignorance. xD

This teacher made a huge impact on me. We weren’t just all about, like, vocabulary and grammar and reading and stuff. There was a lot of emphasis on analyzing and thinking in general. We learned how to think. I learned a lot about society and how people act and about life and I learned to understand myself better as a person and just a lot.

And this teacher taught me critical thinking. Before having this class, I never was able to think outside of the box and I never was able to make decisions on my own.

And now, I’m better at speaking in front of people and I can talk with more confidence, and I’ve improved at saying things when I have something to say.

And even though I didn’t talk much, I’m happy she liked me. She was like, “If you start crying, I’m gonna cry too..” and a long time ago when she signed my paper to let me go to AP English Literature next year, she asked if I could be her aid if I had any openings in my classes. ;__; I’m full up for the rest of my high school life, but even if I wasn’t, I probably wouldn’t do it, but still I was really flattered that she asked, because she doesn’t do things without reason. And I guess I was one of the more hard-working students in the class. Even some of the smart, talkative students often did their essays at 2 AM or didn’t read the material or whatever. Even if I’m not very smart and I’m really shy, I guess I’m kinda proud that I did everything that I was supposed to. And iono. I just feel accomplished. This was a really challenging class and I actually SURVIVED it. And with an A!

Sorry I’m rambling a lot but OMGGGG. >___< ;_____;
It’s endingggg………


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