Aw, this means I’ll have to start thinking of titles for entries.

xD After blogging here everyday for a month, I got so used to it. I dare you to blog everyday for a week[with pictures recommended :D] and see if blogging becomes a habit after. Everyone needs to blog more often! And that means you.


Since I have no more schoolwork and only two finals left[neither of which I’m worried about], I’ve been trying to learn Super Junior’s “It’s You” [Neorago] dance. xDD IT’S SOOOOOO HARD! Iono how people manage to engage their arms and legs in different motions at the same time!

What sucks though is that there isn’t a dance version that has only the dance. D: So I spent all last Sunday putting together a fanmade dance shot using the best angles from performances. Hopefully I won’t give up halfway into this dance, like I did with a lot of others. |D


So, uh, today was my very last day of PE. D:

;____; It’s probably the last time I’ll ever exercise in my life. xD Though that’s more reason for me to try to pick up dancing. But iono. I can’t exercise outside because of my skin and I’m no good at athletic or physical stuff because I’m weak. =___=
I just went to see a Chinese herbal doctor a few days ago because my parents are always switching from one thing to another, trying to find something that’ll fix my skin[though I bet they screwed my skin up, making me try so many medicines and methods and stuff] and this doctor said that I have a weak body and not enough blood, etc. =__= Oh yeah, and I also now have to drink herbal medicine. GROSSSSSSSSSS. I HATE THE TASTE AND SMELL OF THAT CRUDDDDDD.

Anyway, getting back on track. ;__; There’s no more dressing out and no more accidents[^^; I’m very accident-prone in PE] and no more stepping on glass barefoot while still in my underwear, dripping chlorine. -shudders- That was a terrible experience.

But even though I don’t like it, I’ll miss PE. =/ I mean, I’ve always had it since elementary and now I’m done with it. And PE was where I became really close with one of my friends, who I had PE with for three years in a row, but not this year.


Oh and also, I signed up to be in Allkpop Idol. .____. But depending on the circumstances, I may drop out. ^^; If I do it, this’ll be my first contest-like thingy. But I’ll probably drop out.


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  1. Hehehe~ but I really hope you’ll continue putting a lot of pictures of yourself~! ^0^

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