I ish doneeee!

I was supposed to post pictures of myself every day of May, but since my camera broke, I’m making up for it in June.




I wanted to recreate a picture I took in 7th grade, which was ;__; 3 years ago. It’s the same shirt, hairstyle, smile, camera angle, and pose[I think; I forget if I used one hand or two] so it should be kinda accurate! xD
Only difference is I’m wearing glasses. Y-yeah.. I’m not trying to take pictures without glasses on anymore. =___= -shudders-

Unfortunately I don’t have the picture anymore so I can’t compare. D; For some reason, though it was so long ago, I remember this picture even though it wasn’t very important. I can’t figure out why. But oh well!

I used to call this hairstyle my Winry hairstyle. xDDDD
[Though now that I think about it, I have NO IDEA WHY since it looks nothing like Winry’s hair when she puts it up. All I know is that I started doing it ’cause I saw her do it.]

Winry’s my favorite character from Full Metal Alchemist and she’s AWESOME! I have a screenname called “Winry0Rockbell” but I don’t use it anymore. :3 Whenever there’s FMA merchandise, Kojiru always looks for Riza stuff and I always look for Winry stuff. xD That’s, like, our thing.

I totally loooooove Winry! She’s pretty and strong, but emotional, and caring and totally kick-ass! I so wanna be like her. :D

[Look! Teh first GIF I ever put together!]

[Look! My second one! I love this scene<3]

I stopped watching FMA because I got really, really scared, but I still like it and I think it’s hilarious. So I used to collect a lot of FMA icons. :]
My favorites:

[I don’t own any of them!]


And because I love Ed:

 <–He has a height complex just like me! ^^ =___=;;

And because I’m a sucker for EdxWinry!:

Winry and Ed 2

And because I love this icon:


Okay, I promise I’m finished. xD
July awaits, Kathy dear. ;DDDDD


2 Responses

  1. AWWWWW! This picture is so cuteeeeee~~~ I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pose <3333333

    Aww, you should still post more pictures even though this is over. :D

    LOL, now it's Kathkath's turn 8D

  2. OMG Ebah!!! This picture of you is so pretty! ^=^ Of course, you always look pretty in pictures, but there’s something I really like about this picture~ I love that color on you! Aww, you should post pictures even though your month is over x33 Lol, now it’s Kathkath’s turn 8D <3333

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