Don’t Say “Lazy” [June 4, 2009]

I was supposed to post pictures of myself every day of May, but since my camera broke, I’m making up for it in June.


Don’t Say “Lazy” [Fandub]

I love K-On!, Mio’s AWESOME and my favorite character, this song’s epic, and I actually had some free recording time, so of course I had to sing this song. :D

My voice doesn’t really fit the song, but singing in this style is a lot of fun!

And this is my first time uploading something I editted with Audition. The program’s confusing, but the effects are cool, so I just had to use them for this. ^^

OMG YAAAAY I actually finished my “Don’t Say ‘Lazy'” fandub! ^_______^ I’m pretty happy about it. xD Singing like this is a ton of fun. I hope a lot of people say I sound different. |DD;;



Thank you, Mari, for the bubble wrap that came with the package! xD I enjoyed it thoroughly. <3

People should save their money and just get me bubble wrap as a present. xDDDD


One Response

  1. I like bubble wrap too~ hahaha~~ popping it is so addictive~~

    and about the fandub, I think you sounded different and I liked the dub very much~ the emotion and energy you put into it is very nice!!

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