Omiyage~ [June 3, 2009]

Omggggg… ;_____; A package came for me today, and I’m so so so touched! <3 It’s the omiyage[souvenirs] that Mari<3333333333333 got me from Japan. Mari, you’re soooo sweetttttttt ;___; You really didn’t have to, but thank you ever so much! I feel like crying because I’m so touched xDDDDD;;

Hahahah I’m totally obsessing over everything now. >]
Everything’s beautiful, but they’re WAY even more special because they’re all things that Mari have touched. xD<333 It feels so personal! Haha! It’d be so cool to meet you guys someday :DDDDD But yeah..explaining who this package came from to my dad…uh… ^^;;

I’m really happy. xDDDDD x] I’m seriously just obsessing over everything. I’m kinda weird like that. To me, it’s like REALLY incredible to be able to see someone who’s well-known[like SakuraNek0 at Fanime xDD] or even to just hear or see people I’ve heard of on TV[like SNSD’s songs during the Olympics, or my parents watching a show that Fahrenheit’s on] or having been to the same place as someone I don’t know in real life or being a really close distance away to someone who I only know online[Lulu! :D]. xD Stuff like that, I find amazing. :OOO This stuff came all the way from Japan! And were touched by Mari, who not only is my online friend, but is pretty well-known too! :O
I’m not generally easily impressed, but when it comes to this stuff, my jaw just drops. xD I’m still not over the fact that I saw An Cafe live.


Look, everything’s so nice. ;__;


Ugyuuu~ The jar of candy is SO CUTE. I don’t wanna eat it because it’s precious, but I dunno if the way to cherish candy is by eating it or else it’ll go to waste. D: But then I don’t want it to disappear. But then it looks really good too. Ahhhh, it’s adorable. <3 Even if I eat the candy, I’ll keep the jar forever. x]

May27 [Jun3]

And there’s a pretty butterfly necklace. :O Even though I’m not very girly, I really like necklaces. Well, ones that I would wear. I’ve always been wearing a necklace since.. elementary school? I used to switch around a lot, but now I usually wear my dolphin & pearl one :] Eet’s preety. But now I’m gonna start switching again and wear this one! :D I gotta start wearing more pink.

Mariri, I love you. <3 [But even still, I feel bad. xD]


PS;; But what’s funny is that on the stickers, it says “mon maison” which is supposed to mean “my house” in French, but it’s really supposed to be “ma maison”. xD


One Response

  1. hihi~~ Ebahh~~~ I love you too~~~ XD
    I’m so glad that you like the things~~ hopefully I didn’t make your parents worried that if I’m some weird ojisan or something…haha..^^;;;

    P.S. I have no idea about the French part~ haha~~~

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