June 2, 2009

[It’s June 2, 2009, but I’m blogging under another date so I can keep the month’s worth of pictures all under “May.” So this post is making up for May 26.]

Woooooooo! My camera FINALLY arrived today!

At first, I was, like, suuuperly hyped up and happy about it and I was totally in love with my new camera.. And then I transferred this video into the computer and found out that it was .MOV instead of .AVI -_________- That was really frustrating…

Because .MOVs don’t work on Windows Media Player or, drastically more importantly, Windows Movie Maker. D: And now that I’ve plunged into this whole video editting thing, I can’t just suddenly go, “Okay! I will no longer edit videos!” x___X

So I downloaded and tried tons of stuff: media players, tried twice to download Sony Vegas, codecs to possibly make WMM accept .MOV… And well, it was just a huge pain in the ass. E.E;; Til finally I found this really good, fast, free converter so I guess I’m settling with that. I still hate .MOV but at least I can convert some videos and edit them now. It’ll just take a billion years longer.

But yay, I have a camera that works now! 5 more days! :O

May26-2 [Jun2]

May26 [Jun2]
[I needa stop doing that face just ’cause it’s fun..]

Oh yeah. I think I’m kinda sick again. D: In JUNE! What the heck, nature?!


Hello. If you know me in real life and don’t have my permission to be looking at this blog, then please kindly get off. Or I will seriously hurt you. And if you dare make fun of me, I will seriously do more than hurt you. You don’t know how embarrassing it is. :/

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  1. does that mean ull hurt me ^^?

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