May 25, 2009

-______- I’m really pissed off now.

Because my camera died, I was gonna use my old camera, which uses batteries, to take today’s picture AND FREAKING UGH. After, like, three bad pictures I determined not usable, THE STUPID THING DIED ON ME TOO.

Well this time it was batteries. But I mean, omg wth. >__> Those were new batteries and I only used the camera yesterday and today for a minute, and it sucked up the batteries already?!

And you know what? There are no batteries left in this stinkin house.
-___- So I scrounged around for all the batteries I could get in stuff like my speakers, but none of them worked. -_____- And you know what? The battery recharger doesn’t work either!

I was all ready to take the stupid picture already and I freaking can’t take any..

My dad ordered my new camera, and it’s not gonna come for 3-5 days, so I won’t be able to take any pictures for that long. Unless I can somehow get new batteries, but they’re so expensive and we don’t even really use them, so that’s not gonna happen.

So I’m pretty pissed.

I’m not even gonna bother going by my rules or putting up old pictures to make up for it ’cause I WILL get those pictures onto here even if I have to take them in June or July and edit my old posts.
So there.



Nvm. I’m gonna use one of the failure pics I took today.
I’m doomed for the next few days though.


;__; I actually went through the trouble of clipping up my hair ’cause I wanted to do stuff I usually don’t do. It’s so awkward.

But really, I wanted to take a picture of my shirt. It’s awesome and adorable and I love it. I bought it at Fanime, which I still need to blog about..

“this is how we roll!”

Cropped from another failure picture. Dx It’s like the clearest one, which is pretty sad. Anyway, that’s what it looks like. It’s so cute. The lighting is weird and makes it look green, but it’s really this nice shade of blue/cyan.


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