Happy Belated Birthday Lulu




IT JUST COMPLETELY, ABSOLUTELY SLIPPED MY MIND! DDDDDDDx I have no idea how I forgot your birthday! >___< That’s how tired and out-of-it I’ve been. I’m really sorry. ;_______; I can’t believe it passed and I didn’t realize… >____<

My camera’s officially dead. =[ >___< ;___; >.< TT____TT :( -_____- >____> =__= T.T <__< TT~TT!!!!!!!! Ugh. =/ I feel like crying. I really liked it.

It’s all my fault too. >__< I think I got sand in it.. And now I have to use money to buy a new one which sucks because my family’s so poor and it won’t be as slim and nice as mine because all of the cheap ones are fat and ugly.

>___< I’m going to get my old, crappy camera and attempt to do what I was planning on doing on Lulu’s birthday. I’m really sorry.

Okay done. ^^;;


I know you can’t see it, Lulu, but this is your Christmas present that I’ll personally give you someday:

I hope you had a great day yesterday. :3


I was pretty much in a bad mood all today, but it’s 1 AM and I’m too woozy to be in any particular mood. ^^;; I know it’s really terrible for my skin to be up at this time, but my skin is so annoying, a lot of times I do harmful things to it on purpose. Like when I wasn’t allowed to eat a lot of chocolate a while back, I got mad and ate a lot of chocolate.

Anyway, I wanted to sleep in but instead had to go to the dentist’s, where I found out I have 3 cavities. -________________-;;;;;;;

That pretty much upset me for the rest of the day because now my teeth are another part of my body that’s not healthy.
Like my skin, eyes, throat, hair, immune system, liver, and now teeth.

-____- I hate my body.. It’s so troublesome… I have absolutely no endurance at all. And literally no muscles. x___X I have no upper strength. The only thing I like is my fast metabolism, but it’s starting to slow. -stares at gained weight on tummy- ;__;

Someone told me I’m really delicate but I think the word is fragile.


One Response

  1. uwahhh thank you ebahhhhhhh~ ^^
    haha 루루 xDD you’re so awesome ~~~~~~
    Thanks T_T

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