Because of an “I’ll do it if you do it,” I promised Kath I would put pictures of myself on my wordpress everyday in the month of May. And she has to do the same in July, her birth month. Details here.



‘Cause Kojiru was complaining that I wasn’t smiling in my last pigtails picture. ;___;

At least I tried..again. ^^; I still can’t pull this stuff off. She’s probably requesting this because I never, ever do anything with my hair at school. The hairstyles from the two posts before this.. Those were the first times in my life I did my hair like that. x__X

D: I hope you’re happy.
Unless you liked the low pigtails better, in which case, TOO BAD. HA HA.


Lulu’s groupdub of SNSD’s “Gee”
Please leave a comment!<3

Lulu [BluDoraemon]
Nami [JPNsinger101]
Micchi [michigopyon]
Mari [marimari999]
Eva [waterpixieva]

LOVE THE SONG. LOVE THE CAST. My closest online friends~~ And they’re all fantabulous singers with cute and pretty voices! :OO I’ve been looking forward to this dub for a long time! <33

I love it. ^^ We blend and sound like one!

Honestly, though, it wasn’t as epic as I’d hoped it be? xD Well there was more pitchiness than I expected and some volume quirks[there were parts I really couldn’t hear] but overall it’s still awesome. ;___; Everyone else overshines me though.. and my voice/mic sounds crappy and sharp compared to everyone…


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  1. Пора переименовать блог, присвоив название связанное с доменами :) может хватит про них?

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