May 15, 2009

Because of an “I’ll do it if you do it,” I promised Kath I would put pictures of myself on my wordpress everyday in the month of May. And she has to do the same in July, her birth month. Details here.



It was Sunglasses Day today in my biology class and if everyone wore sunglasses, we’d all get extra credit, so I borrowed a pair from my friend. xD I know it doesn’t suit me at all.

It doesn’t look like me. ^^;;; Usually you probably wouldn’t catch me dead looking like that, but I probably will never own a pair of shades of my own so I wanted to take this chance to try this kind of almost typical[minus the peace sign] picture. xDDDDDDD;; Somehow I feel like I look totally superficial in these pictures. xDD But sometimes it’s fun to try new things!



Super Junior – “It’s You” Music Video (Drama Version)


I LOVE the steady camera technique! It’s so cool! I think this MV is completely amazing. :] <3333333333

Whoever thought of this is awesome, whoever choreographed this is awesome godly, the cameraperson is awesome, and SUPER JUNIOR ARE TEH AWESOMEST. ^____^ I mean, for 4 minutes and 14 seconds, they just went in and did their thing perfectly! No NGs allowed! :OO I swear, if it were me, I would’ve just burst out laughing in the middle of walking.

A lot of people were complaining that it was way too dramatic, but to be honest I LOVE that it’s really dramatic! xD This is an awesome MV. So far, I’m loving everything about “It’s You” and I can’t wait for the first performance on May 17!
Well, I didn’t like how they did the climax ’cause you’ve got Heechul’s belty high note while the camera’s peacefully making its way over to Siwon.

[Amusing kinks: Lol the intense “heartbeats” sound like the footsteps of Kibum trying to be Godzilla. And Hangeng and Siwon look like they’re fighting with each other on the phone LOLOLOLOL :DDD]


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